Thursday, 27 November 2008

how it started...

who really knows how it started...and lord knows it started a long time ago...but welcome to the official beginning of something not very big. but something kind of exciting and kind of personal, which is why i am dubioud about putting it out there on the interwebzzz but hey, you get back what you put out, RIGHT??

a brief introduction:
-my friends call me ru...amongst other names varying from cutesy to mildly insulting.
-i am twenty...but it is my birthday in a couple of weeks. i am as of yet still uncertain as to how i feel about this fact.
-i am from a tiiiny place called newcastle in northern ireland, but this year i am studying in madrid. it is equal parts exciting and scary as hell. i feel like i fall in love with this city a little more every day, whilst learning how to hate it too. (does that even make sense??)
-it does, however, possess my single favourite billboard/piece of graffiti of all time. (see above)
-i have two of the most amazing and beautiful best friends that any girl could everrr ask for. ally and gaby, my boos♥
-sadly, this year we are scattered across the globe. (spain, france and ireland, respectively)
-there is this boy. he is perfect. but he too is in ireland. everyone finds it hilarious that we have the same nickname. (his is "roo", see)
-i swear faaar too's something i'm working on. trying to work on. thinking about working on??
-i enjoy, among other activities: dressing up, dancing like a fool, writing, tights, singing, temporary tattoos, real tattoos(but not on me), receiving letters in the mail, smoking hookahs and brightly coloured cigarettes, self-loathing over said smoking, dreaming of my future home and its interior, ridiculous amounts of jewellery, struggling through a law and languages degree, changing everything all of a sudden and all at once, musicmusicmusicmixtapesmixtapesmixtapes, dreaming of owning a my little pony collection to rival iekeliene stange and, OBVIOUSLY, talking utter trash.

-i want to take YOUR photo, not mine. only i don't have a proper camera, i am the definition of "socially awkward"(i'm just lucky to have quite a number of equally socially awkward friends) aaand i'm definitely too scared to ask in spanish.

-i'm lucky that no-one ever really reads these things. :]

-nice to meet you, anyway.


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