Sunday, 29 November 2009

speaking of birthdays...

mine is not too far away now. and i still have no idea what to do etc.

though this cake would be awesome, thanks. :]

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trapped in a basement...

this is what ensues if you go to the christmas market for a catch-up over strawberry beer and (too strong) cider, onward to tesco to purchase lemon birthday cake and other assorted birthday favors and then to the empty basement of magazine offices in order to surprise yr friend/the birthday boy at band practice. the last picture is of me in a discarded hallowe'en costume that we found in the basement from a "dead famous" party the magazine hosted in 2007. there is also a video of me smashing one of the cakes in his face, but i won't put it up as i don't think the interwebzz is ready for my horrible northern irish accent. :] especially at the moment as i have a throat infection and sound particularly croaky/husky/manly/sadly not sexy like other girls seem to sound in the same situation. swallowing is difficult. that will be all. :]

oh, also: it turns out this blog ALSO celebrated its birthday yesterday. how apt. so happy birthday blog...i am still not entirely sure of yr purpose. oh well. :]

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Monday, 23 November 2009

the mediator of the head and the hands must be the heart.

my weekend in southampton was fantastic...the only downside is coming home and having to get straight back to uni work etc etc all while remembering how sucky it is to miss yr boyfriend after spending four and a half days in his pocket. i didn't take any photos (shocking, i know!!) but we pretty much just cooked and ate nice food, went out drinking and dancing and watched movies etc etc. oh and i took him on a google streetview tour of the city i lived in in spain last year because (for some unkwon reason) flights are far too expensive for us to get there in reality anytime soon.

the screenshots above are from a german silent film called metropolis that we watched last night. if you haven't seen it you should definitely invest some time to watch it. it is really inspiring. i now know what my hallowe'en costume will be next year. and the score is beautiful.


Wednesday, 18 November 2009

when we are far from eachother...

...we slip into something more comfortable.

bally's dress, topman shirt, topshop tights, river island boots.

this is from approximately forever ago such is my sham of a laptop. it is completely broken now and i had to steal a friend's power cable to post this. meaning that now, the night before i leave for a weekend southampton, i am trying to save everything that i can foresee myself needing in the immediate future off my laptop...instead of going to see my friends play a show. :[

the dress is stolen from my housemate and it's so comfy i practically lived in it this week but i don't think i'll bother buying one myself. this is the kind of thing i'm really fickle about. i loved it last week but don't think i'd wear it again, even though i think these flower print tops and dresses look nice on other girls...although they do seem to be on a LOT of other girls at the moment.

anyway...i better go pack and finish the seemingly endless list of other things i have to do before i can go to bed, excited for my visit to the boyfriend.

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PS: these photographs are testament to the fact that you should not get yr friends to take pictures of you when you've been drinking...and also frightening proof of just how short i really am...and how goofy my face looks at all times.

Saturday, 14 November 2009

"this is an emergency, you're not you anymore and i don't feel like me."

i was in dublin, briefly, this week. it was fantastic fun and i wish i never had to leave. i'd like to say "photos to come" but that would be a massive lie as i was far too drunk and far too distracted to even remember i had my camera, save for a ew pictures of a cat and me eating my weight in food.

today i got anooother injection. my last for a few months though, yay. i will not miss that dreaded sore arm feeling. though this one has been less painful than the others so here's hoping it stays that way.

i'm going to southampton next weekend but i want to be there NOW.

i'm thinking of (dash probably definitely going to be) dyeing my hair orange. like, bright orange. like, fifth element orange. like, this-

...probably even orange-y-er actually. it is an obsession. and one of those things i think i just need to get out of my system. and yes, everybody seems to think i am insane. i just want to have it already. i saw a little kid in town this week in skinny jeans, a knitted baby pink jumper with a snowflake on it, a black parka and bright orange hair (natural!! bitch!!...okay she was like six...but jealousy ahoy.) the same length as mine. i think she is my current muse/style icon.

upon rereading, this is a post full of impatience. you wouldn't think i had a zillion things to do for uni before my life as i plan it can actually begin.

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Saturday, 7 November 2009

how do you think yr gona get me home?? ain't got any cigarettes, cigarettes, cigarettes, cigarettes, no.

river island boots, firetrap heels.

good things come to those who wait. :] and i do feel like i waited a lifetime. but now i finally have a pair of booties to keep my toes warm and dry this winter. and a pair of killer heels to keep me dancing through the party season. i think this is the clearest material indication of the complete dichotomy of my very existence- comfortable, flat, durable boots vs ankle-threatening, hooker-esque, patent heels. hello life.

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Tuesday, 3 November 2009