Tuesday, 23 June 2009


-i have an egle in my flat.
-i somehow managed to pull off an 8 in international trade law.
-exams are over...i am but half an essay away from official summer holidays!!
-i managed to fix my fringe after hacking it to shreds this morning.
-fritzi is going to bring me to the airpost on friday. (moral support)
-i get to see my family in under three days.

-tonight is cat's despedida...she leaves tomorrow.
-i have almost certainly failed the majority of my other exams.
-i have not finished aforementioned essay.
-i have not even begun packing or cleaning the flat etc etc etc.
-i leave madrid for good in under three days. :[

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i also have some projects coming up i am beyond stoked about...so close i am ready to explode with excitement. vacaciones os quiero.

Sunday, 21 June 2009

don't bury dead, first shoot in head...

all these and some pretty impressive tattoos here at viva dolor.

alongside unicorns, zombies are one of my other major obsessions. when we were in lyon there was a marcha zombie type thing, the most fun i have ever had of a random saturday morning by a river.

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Saturday, 20 June 2009

á rebours...

this was lyon...

i really wish i could speak better french. my accent, for one thing, is appalling...i definitely speak french with a spanish accent, which is horrible to listen to. bally is going to attempt to teach me a little next year. meaning i have german and french language goals...it could either go fantastically or messily.

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Thursday, 18 June 2009

back in action...

this is the black flag tee shirt i mentioned in my last post. or at least i think it is...the one i am getting may be black, which is fine...though i reckon i'd prefer white what with my continuing anti-darks summer kick.

in other news, aforementioned glaswegian friend is an actual genius. i left the country for five days and came back to a completely fixed laptop free of charge. i owe him too many shots.

lyon was amazing. photos will be posted soon. right now i'm attempting to write my last ever essay for spanish university so i can head out tonight. pretty emotional stuff.

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Sunday, 14 June 2009

out of action

so as it turns out, all those jokes i make on a daily basis about my computer being on death's door have come back to haunt me. it crashed last week, as i was mid-essay and mid-trying to ring home to talk to my family the last chance i'd get in a month. according to my computer genius glaswegian friend, it is fixable. the downside is he means fixable once he brings it back to glasgow with him in july for parts. for now i'll try my best to update by scobing whoever's computer i can. [hmmm, this gyspy lifestyle may be getting out of hand...]

in other news...this week i am in lyon in france visiting my bally boo. we have been drinking cheap wine, smoking cheap cigarettes, eating amazing vegan/vegetarian picnics, lying by the river rhone, partying on boats and playing in kid's parks at six am. and we saw a zombie march...pretty much made my life.

i'm back to madrid [for the last time, howl] on wednesday and then i have one week and one exam before i head to mallorca.

i'm also pretty excited at the prospect of being given amazing black flag and liars tee shirts as presents just cos they don't fit my friend. i'll find pictures when i can.

hope everyone is good and enjoying themselves!!

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Saturday, 6 June 2009

trouble is you're in love with someone else...

a few choice photos from a night out in madrid with niamh last weekend...

niamh: h&m vest, urban outfitters skirt. me: primark (like 3 years ago) dress, vintage belt, topshop shoes.

we are maybe getting a wee bit too obsessed with the sex shop photos. i tried to get my mum to do one when the parents were visiting but it was too early so the shutter wasn't down yet. gutted.

last night i realised that, seeing as i am going to france next weekend, this is my second last weekend here. it led to today being a bit of a weep day.

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Wednesday, 3 June 2009

summer viewing...

at this precise moment in time when i ought to be revising for a resit, nothing seems more imperative than making lists of all the movies i plan to watch with my friends this summer. below is part (yes, only part) of my list so far. if you haven't seen any of these movies i would definitely encourage you to do so. every single one of these movies is awesome in some way or another and i can't wait to rewatch them with old friends and introduce them to new ones.

the holy mountain, grey gardens, taxi driver, moonwalker, rec., my neighbour totoro, alice.

the last one, alice by jan svankmajer, i am particularly excited about. i have only ever watched it online before...but a friend of mine recently picked up the dvd. as i'm sure you can tell it is an alice in wonderland adaptation...and definitely the best i have ever seen. it manages to be simultaneously creepy (just look at those screenshots) and beautiful. everything about it is fantastic!!

anyway...to the point...has anyone got any movie recommendations for me?? most of you who read this blog seem to have pretty similar taste to mine when it comes to this kind of stuff, so i would really appreciate some input. i'm trying to make a list to end all lists. :]

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Tuesday, 2 June 2009

"i mean, you probably wouldn't shine if put up against a normal girl..."

...some people i know really are are just charming.

assortment of trinkets: large silver and broken heart rings from bijou brigitte, stacked rings from sfera, panther ring leaving present from friend.

last week equalled finals and a shamtastic but very much appreciated and enjoyed neem visit. aaand my camera kind of broke (i'm working on it). so this is half a post.

anyway, i know that with it being 43 degrees (celsius) here, summer 2009 has essentially already started. but i tend to think about summer as being when i go home. either way, i intend to spend the majority of my summer (mallorcan holidays, rainy belfast times, cold nighttimebeachwalks and belgian festival craziness alike) pretty much dressing like a gypsy. in fact...this is an urge so strong and with such longevity that i am tempted to say i plan to spend the majority of the rest of my life as such.

the baggiest/most oversized/most layered tops/dresses/jerseys i can get my hands on, preferably in airy summery off whites.
too many stacked/tacky/ridicuhuge rings and layer upon layer of chains and pendants.
heavy eyes and blood red lips.
hair i can enjoy hiding behind before i finally take the leap and cut it all off for autumn.

yeah, yeah...i know. i probably, pretty much, definitely just described the way i dress now anyways. but it's tiny differences...it'll make sense i promise. one of my housemates plans on dressing up as a native american, listening to music too loud and painting all summer. so it's nice to know i'm not alone in my insanity.

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