Tuesday, 26 May 2009

i already know how this one ends, baby...

thrift scarf, primark vest, own mess.

it is 3:30am and this is pretty much my life right now. pulling an all nighter to get my presentation finished and living in squalor i never thought it possible to create in just 24 hours.

i went on a junkfood run and got felt up by an old drunk with a dirty jacket right outside the garage. it was creepy. and kind of terrifying.



Monday, 25 May 2009

you're so young you're so god damn young...

(h&m top.)

one presentation, one essay, one case study, one open book exam, one oral final...by friday. i cut my fringe...badly.

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Friday, 22 May 2009

homebird sing, leave out nothing, tell me everything...

in ireland, this is where i live...

please ignore the dirty post-storm beach though, it's not always like that i swear. i just thought i'd take a moment to share some of my friend ger's photography. he's just under two months off finishing a 365. sorry these are pretty much all of me, but i wasn't sure how other people would feel about me posting their faces here.:]

you can see the other, more interesting stuff at so-says-gerard.

(last night out together at easter, pukkelpop 2008, midnight in belfast last summer).



Thursday, 21 May 2009

primary colours party...

i look mental. finals will do that to you...

yyy tee, firetrap skirt, aa cardigan, primark socks, firetrap shoes.

i think i'm doing bunny ears cos we realised i was in miffy colours. and i love miffy more than most things in life. today i learned that my alternativas professor is the nicest woman alive. and that my filosofia professor is not as evil as we originally thought. although my comunitario professor is moreso. as you can probably tell, all i can think about is finals. thus we amuse ourselves with primary colours parties out of class and ridiculously immature lists during. god i hope no-one who could find the picture below incriminating reads this blog.

anyway...i'm off to schlepp. gypsy and adventure updates posthaste, pinky swear.

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Monday, 18 May 2009

coco bella coco...


all in all pretty awesome!!:] even despite the scary getting caught up in riots on the first night!!

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you can be my baby it don't matter...

sonia by sonia rykiel dress.

on the rare moments that i am not taking all my inspiration from my desire to be a gyspy, i am craving items like this dress. it is my idea of perfection for something a little more formal but still quirky and cute. and pretty versatile. if i wasn't saving for all my trips i'd have broken and ordered it by now.

barcelona was awesome!! i'll put a few photos up in a while...going to have a wee nap first cos i feel sicky bad today. :/


Wednesday, 13 May 2009

see you on saturday...

i am going to barcelona tomorrow...

well...i leave for the train in just over an hour. i haven't slept cos i'm too excited. we are meeting up with ste and he has promised bike rides through the city to show us around, football excitement and a wee bit of beach relaxing. then i am going to search out an old friend who works there now...wish me luck!!

i'll do some uni work when i get back, hee...but i'll also book my flights for lyon!!

[which reminds me...i bought my plane ticket to mallorca the other day. meaning i am officially no longer a madrilena come June 26. i don't even know how to explain that feeling. sadbat.]

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Monday, 11 May 2009

i will commit no act of violence, be it physical or otherwise...


i NEED a pair of spurs in my life...



...going to have a little peek on ebay now before bed. even though i really need to sleep!!:]

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...if things come alive.

Saturday, 9 May 2009

she said oh baby don't feel so down...

last night's outfit...

topshop lace top over zara dress, primark tights, topshop shoes.

last night's lessons:
1) i will always be running late...no matter what.
2) beer is beer...no matter how many nice things you add, most of the time it still tastes like piss.
3) girls are bitches...with or without the language barrier. nice girls always get hurt, mean girls always get head. hah.
4) someone unwanted always breaks yr last cigarette in two.
5) i am destined to never get more than two hours sleep before i have to pick people up from the airport.

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Friday, 8 May 2009

ya te echo de menos!!

talking to people from home and missing graduations and not being around to help my little sister destress for her first "important" set of exams has me missing ireland a little. but at the same time, there is nowhere in the world i'd rather be right now than madrid. and i am so aware of how quickly the last few weeks are slipping by and how much i am going to miss this place. i have never felt so completely torn in my life before. either way...i wore this shirt out on wednesday night as an homage to home...

h&m cardigan, liberty blue teeshirt, primark tube top as skirt, primark tights, converse.

cat and fritzileine and i enjoyed a much needed girly night out including botellón at the fountain, tequila shots through straws and a lot of dancing. all the traditions, oop.

and...i saw my first gecko of summer!! happybat:] i also saw my first cockroach...but i'm dwelling on that less. all i need is for the crazy heat to subside just a LITTLE!!

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Tuesday, 5 May 2009

walking around thinking the same again...

to get to you i'd go down on my knees.

firetrap shift over zara dress and primark tights.
[ahaha!! this second picture is a pretty accurate depiction of how i feel right now!!]

today i got LOST!! like..."walking around for two hours in the blistering heat without the VAGUEST idea of where you are going" lost. i cannot believe i have been here for almost nine months now and still haven't discovered my way around the whole of the city!! on the plus side, i found THE most beautiful park ever and sat there to write a card to my little sister wishing her luck for her upcoming exams(not that she needs it, genius!!). on the minus side i wasn't wearing any sunblock...so might wake up burnt tomorrow?? oop:/

idk...it kind of annoys me that i only have like seven weeks left here and feel like i am only beginning to really find the places i want to go to etc.

anyway yeh, as i mentioned, it is hot here. too hot. so i've been living in stuff like this (although the two layers are becoming too much!! and soon i fear i will have to discard my tights!!). i love the shape of the firetrap dress and pretty much see myself living in similar stuff (albeit a bit longer) for summer. hee...apologies for my crazy hair also...but the more i study the more i fiddle with it so it just kind of explodes.

my parents are visiting this weekend!! tote 'cited!!

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Sunday, 3 May 2009

museum piece...

over the easter holidays, my dad pretty much made my life by giving me this vintage men's movado museum watch as a belated twenty first birthday present...

he was annoyed that he got outbid on the pocketwatch mentioned in this post, and so got this instead. to be honest, i am so much happier with the movado!! i have been obsessed with the museum model for ages now and the fact that he found a vintage mens model make this the most perfect thing i have ever received!! i am srsly going to keep it foreverrr!!:] the below picture is my very poor attempt at capturing how it glows blue/green in certain light.

err...my photos suck so here is a slightly better picture from google images...

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