Wednesday, 25 February 2009

mirror images...

i can't actually remember where i got this picture from but i will try to hoke it out. i absolutely love it though.

anyway...i just thought i would give a heads up that i'm not going to be posting over the weekend and maybe not for a little bit after that. my boyfriend and i broke up last night and at the minute i just don't really feel i have much to write about. sorry to sound so melodramatic...but i just feel i need a little haitus.

thanks so much to all you guys who read this is so nice to feel a connection and shared interests with such cool people. <3 i promise i'll be back asap.

oh, aslo!! valentina!!...can you add me to your readers list please?? i can't access your blog at the moment. :]

<3 ru.


Tuesday, 24 February 2009

psychotic yellow and eyeball prints!!

recently, i have been nothing short of obsessing over this picture from the mishka spring/summer look book...

i mean, sure, i've always been a bit of a hosiery whore...but the leggings are AMAZING!! seriously, just look at how awesome they are!! i would wear them with everything!! i want a pair so badly. then when i saw them teamed with the yellow jacket i freaked out. i love yellow...or "psychotic yellow" as my friends call it after reading in a psychology journal that if you like it you have psychotic tendencies...oops!! and the cut etc is just so perfect.

i'm hoping that even given my skint existence i will manage to get my hands on the leggings. the jacket will remain a dream until i have some serious funds...sadness!!

owning both would literally make my life.

<3 click.


Monday, 23 February 2009

tights and scarf envy...

meant to post these like last week so excuse my lateness but...oh my!! how much do i want those tights??

source: style.

also, this exact combination of pink and green has long been a favourite of mine. a girl in my filosofia class has a scarf in precisely the same colours. i have enviously been eyeing it up for weeks. now i feel i really must ask her where she got it so i can have my very own mj lookalike!!

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Sunday, 22 February 2009

not another outfit post...

cos this one is fancy dress, see??

topman tee, bershka waistcoat, h+m skirt, primark tights, bronx booties, homemade dagger and belt.

completed with gold chains, too much eyeliner and many a transfer tattoo (parrot on my neck, love/hate knuckles etc). and yes, yes that is my best pirate face up in that first photo. it was like six am to be fair.

last night ended up being even more fun than i expected. i was really tired and all set to go home at one or so...but ended up staying for the whole party and both clubs after it. everyone had such brilliant outfits too!! though i was quite proud of mine as it cost me nothing.

and all the kids in the square at the start of the night were amazing looking running around dressed up as teenage mutant ninja turtles etc. hah.

hope everyone else had a good weekend too!!

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Friday, 20 February 2009

i always fall in love too soon, caught beneath the glow of a honeymoon.

last night's outfit...
w scarf, primark boobtube, topshop vest, river island leggings, primark socks, firetrap shoes.

we decided not to go ot in madrid tonight after all...everyone was just too tired. i must admit i'm kind of thankful for the break and cat's suggestion of a pizza and dvd night instead!! i feel like i have a thousand things to think about this week. one of which is what to do next year. i am meant to go back to ireland to finish the last year of my law degree...but i am considering taking a year out and either working here in spain or travelling or something. this probably sounds like such a waster thought, but there is reasoning in favour of it. as well as plenty against. :/ what to wear to the costume party tomorrow!! HELP!! :]

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Thursday, 19 February 2009

pink bullets...

last night's outfit...
h+m shirt, primark shorts, tesco tights.

okay so i broke my own plaid ban...but just this once...and only because i was at a loss for what to wear when i have so many nights out to attend this week.

today i skipped class for the first time this semester and stayed in bed because my head hurt (free of charge or not- whiskey, tia maria and vodka is not a friendly drink) and i was not in a happy place. i'm skipping the asian buffet tonight also (sad face) for some down time...such a sham.

sometimes when i feel strange and not myself and pointless all it takes is a text with a song name in it to remind me of who i am again. <3

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Wednesday, 18 February 2009

i'm sorry but...

just when this dress couldn't get any more overexposed...


it's not that i have anything against the dress, per se, but i was kind of bored of it after the first couple of times i saw it...yet it just keeps cropping up everywhere and endless reams of people have put it on their most-coveted lists. and now, good old gwynnie has put the final nail in the coffin by taking away whatever ounce of shock-value/fashion-forwardness the dress had left in it!!

again, not that i don't like gwyneth paltrow either...i just find her ability to make some of the most amazingly fashion-forward and sexy and daring clothes look so DULL to be astounding.

anyway, rant over...i really must start getting ready to go out!!



keep my secret. don't tell anyone!!

primark tee, bershka dress, tesco tights, firetrap shoes.

sorry i have been kind of m.i.a* this week and will probably continue to be so but it's just been quite hectic trying to get all my uni work done at the same time as entertaining the scots and the proper craziness hasn't even kicked in yet!! tonight we are going out because cat wants to actually "be out somewhere" when she turns twenty. tomorrow is her actual birthday so we are going for an asian buffet (yum!!) then drinks at hers then out again. friday we are heading into madrid for a "proper birthday celebration" as her boyfriend is visiting. and then, not forgetting carnival of course, we have d disfraz party to attend on saturday night!! i know i said i would go out more this semester but this is getting crazy!!:] keeps me distracted though o i can't complain. with any luck i will get a few outfit/general musings posts up in between all the fun!!

also...please please please send all fancy dress ideas for saturday night this way...for the first time in my life i am at a complete loss as per what to dress up as!! and i'm quite skint, which doesn't help.

hope everyone is good!!

<3 click.


*speaking of whom...she had a baby boy!! the child is going to inherit the earth!!

Monday, 16 February 2009


source: moderniteter.

urgh...i have so much work to do but absolutely no concentration span today!! hope everyone had a lovely weekend and is excited about the week ahead. i am, as it will involve a friend's birthday, scottish visitors aaand carnival fancy dress fun!! i booked my flights home for easter tonight...ridiculously dear already!!:/ and i have an exciting prospect in the pipeline or visiting my best friend in lyon early may when there is an electro-esque festival thing on!! tres excited!!

on a sadder note, it appears the nike/liberty trainers will never be mine!!:[ i may have to just get to work on a diy pair, hee!!

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Sunday, 15 February 2009


a message i got from my boyfriend yesterday morning:

"hello and how are you today? sorry your valentine's gift is going to be late but i can give it to you on the 28th when i see you! <3 xoxo"

this made me ecstatically happy because he was not MEANT to be coming to visit until around the sixth of march!!:] and i totally wasn't expecting or in need of any valentine's giftness.

i don't normally really bother with valentine's day but yesterday we went shopping for birthday presents for a friend and all the couples and cheesey annoyingness did get to me a bit. i guess just because it sucks to have a boyfriend thousands of miles away anyway, without having to be reminded about it by a stupid holiday.

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Saturday, 14 February 2009


today it was twenty eight degrees here...which *almost* made having to get up and go to four hours of class bearable!!

topman tee, newlook skirt, primark tights, firetrap shoes and jacket.

seriously though...these past few days the weather has been so ridiculously good that, being an irish girl who is used to pelting rain, three degrees in daytime and the likelihood of snow in february, i have taken to joyfully fantasising about all the picnics and park trips that are just around the corner. :]

i got this skirt almost a year ago after a chance encounter in new look and before i got a nasty electric shock from their escalator (another story entirely, but i always take the stairs now). it was only fifteen pounds and i am as in love with it now as i was then.

in other news...remember the first time nike collaborated with liberty?? was like, last year sometime. well, yeah- i have wanted a pair of those shoes since i way back then. so forgive me if my heart skipped a beat when i saw the latest offerings gracing the pages of teen vogue!! in my current impoverished state, i had almost forgotten about them again, until i stumbled upon them today. these shoes are perfect. would it be wrong to sell a non-vital organ for the blue pair?? or attempt to sway my already over generous boyfriend into purchasing them for me?? i'd repay him in similarly awesome presents as soon as possible, obvzz!!

yeh so in case i'm being too ambiguous: AM WANT THESE SHOES!!<3

alsooo...yay for me officially getting through a friday the thirteenth without any massive disasters. i mean, i'm not normally the most superstitious, but i was beginning to worry myself after the last few!!

happy weekending bloggers!!

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Friday, 13 February 2009

la ausencia.

another day, another leaving party...this was the last i think (/hope)...and also the saddest:[

h+m sheer oversize tee, zara dress (as skirt), h+m tights, firetrap shoes.

i have two classes tomorrow meaning four hours in total. on a friday. i know!! man i miss the being-able-to-sleep-all-day-ness of fridays last semester. sorry my posts have been a bit rushed these past few days. just been trying to update among the flurry of new classes and leaving parties...hopefully i can play catchup come weekend. especially as, this year, i will be alone on valentine whether i would like to celebrate it or not...stupid farawayness!!:]


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Thursday, 12 February 2009

what i ended up wearing tonight...

...or, alternatively "how i joined the rodeo and other short stories."

topshop dress, primark tights ( wasn't funny...maybe i am drunker than i thought), vintage bandana from some shop in williamsburg.

i hadn't really planned on wearing quite so much matchy-matchy red...but one spillage led to another and i pretty much had no time to seek out alternatives.
also my hair was different.

anyway, i'm wrecked...and so to bed...well skype first then bed, for a lie in tomorrow(=best day ever)!!

night night.



Wednesday, 11 February 2009

quick little updates...

random fashion shoot i did for the student newspaper last year...i felt this blog needed a picture??

hopefully i shall post a proper entry later tonight but for now, i would like to share some facts that are making me very happy:]

-my friend preston and i are going to see "the jigga man" in september in manchester (meaning i can also visit my sister and her family)...JAY ZED!! i know.

-somehow, against all odds, i managed to get 80% in my nacionalidad y extranjerĂ­a course...which is "notable" (kind of like a commendation)...and translates as a first!!

-boyfriend dearest is hopefully coming to visit me for a week(!) sometime in the next three to four weeks.

-speaking of whom...we went on a little shopping adventure when i was home last week and he would not let me pay for a single thing. ridiculously generous. i shall blog the results at a later stage.

-all my classes this semester seem really interesting so far.

-i am definitely feeling less homesick now than that strange post-christmas phase i went through. :]

i don't really feel like going out for the second night in a row. especially when we are going out again tomorrow. i have no idea what to wear. and i dislike all this saying goodbye to people forever malarkey. but at least i can get drunk here for under €1.50, hee.

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last night in madrid...with my new bling.
inverted colours:]
pulp fiction plus peter pan poses apparently.
japanese birthday dinner...yum!!<3
the best vegetarian miso soup i have ever tasted plus other assorted delights!!
miffy birthday cake...yes i did make this from scratch and by hand...yes it was time consuming. and messy!!

yeh i don't have many photos as i kept forgetting my camera but it was so good to be home again for a while. i definitely feel more ready for this term now and a lot less homesick than i did after christmas when i was sick and feeling sorry for myself.

most annoying of all is probably the fact i didn't take any outfit posts...especially after my last post as i could have illustrated my point better. oh well!!

off to bed now as i have a whole day of classes tomorrow and have been out tonight as it was alexis' last night before he returns home to paris. not sure how i feel about that. again, oh well!!

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Tuesday, 10 February 2009

the calendar hung itself...

dad's teeshirt, sister's leggings, bershka waistcoat thing.

well, so much for my promises to update when i was in dad's laptop was acting screwy so between that and me never really being in the house for any prolonged periods of time, i kinda failed. the above is a prime example of what happens when i go home with a whole lot of laundry to be done...i end up meeting my mother for lunch wearing various garments pilfered from the closets of the other people in the house whilst waiting for my clothes to dry. :]

i realised over the past couple of weeks that i think i dress better, or at least more like "me", and have more confidence when i am at home in ireland. i don't know whether it is because i have friends there who have always known my style and are into similar things, being able to steal items from my dad/boyfriend/sister, the fact that there seems to be more inspiration or just that i have more clothes there. or maybe it is a mix of all of the above. plus the fact that i get the strangest looks when i go to class here in spain wearing anything remotely different than boots jeans and a poloneck etc...which is pretty much all the time. but i still don't wear half the things i love to wear at home because they either seem a)impractical or b)like noone would "get" it.

which is weird...because i've never really dressed according to what anyone else tought before...and now i'm wondering if that is what i am subconciously starting to do?? scary. and a little annoying.

anyway...i have a few more photos from my visit that i would like to post but they will probably have to wait as being back to classes has made me tired and i need cammomile tea (yum<3), skype time with the boyfriend and sleeeepz!!

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