Wednesday, 30 September 2009

i'm beat.

okay so you can't really see anything in this picture (of my little sister and i being idiots together as per) but i figured it was better than nothing. new hair new hair. it's so short...but i'm really excited about what i can do with it.

and so to bed. i had a trip to the doctor today and i have been prodded and poked and weighed and measured and injected far too much for my own liking. i just need sleeeeep now.

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Tuesday, 29 September 2009

because being skint wasn't already killing me enough...

i know, i know...a poor girl just shouldn't even venture near pixie market. especially a girl as poor as me. hell, i can't even REALLY justify shopping there on good money days.

but LOOK!! is me!! dress form.

courtesy of neurotica. i'm swaying toward the first one. and wondering whether my parents or boyfriend love me enough to buy me an early birthday present.

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Monday, 28 September 2009

you know what is weird??

...looking through the sartorialist and seeing belfast boy rory mckee looking ethereal on the street at london fashion week. especially a few weeks after you were chatting to him at a local band's ep launch.

weirder still??

...discovering that that same lovely boy has recently been shot by HEDI fricking SLIMANE!!

the first i knew of rory's modeling was when his mum came into firetrap a few weeks ago and pointed him out in the ad campaign we had done with i-D. she mentioned he was starting to do more high fashion and catwalk stuff. and judging from these pictures i daresay he'll be pretty good at it.

amazing, non??

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if i could just leave my body for one night...

...then we could be dancing, no more missing you when i'm gone
there we could be dancing, and you'd smile and say "i like this song!!"...

this is pretty much the only song i am listening to this week (well, besides the black lips and jay z...but what's new there??). it is kind of my life. it kind of makes me want to cry whilst filling me with comforting warmth simultaneously.

we have internet in the house novel!!:] so that plus the fact that classes recommence this week should mean a hasty return to regular posting.

not much has been going on...i have just been getting settled in the new house, working my balls off in firetrap and being ridiculously skint. le boy went back to england on friday (yes, i am very good at putting myself in long distance relationship situations:[). he is missed. but hallowe'en isn't too far away and i have a scary amount of work to keep me occupied in the meantime. true "ru in hair boredom shockerrr" mode, i am getting my hurrr did tomorrow morning. my friend needs models and i'm sick of having this bird's nest in my way so i'm giving her free reign. then...i'm thinking about dyeing it orange. thoughts??

hope everyone has been keeping well!!

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Wednesday, 2 September 2009

if you're a bat; i'm a bat.

i am currently at my parents' house with a ridiculously sore/dead arm because i got all these injections today. now my shoulder is all swollen and the general dull pain is creeping up my neck into my head. i hate injections...needles are one of my greatest phobias and today's needles were no exceptions...but necessary evils, right??

i have had a strange couple of weeks and still have a strange couple of weeks to come...all culminating in...well, i don't know what. i guess i'm just riding things out and seeing what happens/whether that is good or bad etc.

i lost my glasses at pukkelpop. annoying but no biggie. i also got my watch pickpocketed/lost. yeh THAT watch. i still haven't even been able to bring myself to tell my dad. it's not even the money it is worth...just the fact that it was such a thoughtful gift for my twentyfirst birthday and had real sentimental value.

i started my new/old job last week and it has been awesome so far. generally...once this week (especially tomorrow) is over i'm thinking things will calm down a bit. which is nice.

i can't wait to have internet in the house so i can actually blog properly...rather than saving up a fortnight of rants for one quick, heavy-armed post. :]

in other news: sunday was european day of the bat!! obsessed still.

(can't remember where i got this picture, sorry)

tonight my sister and i watched the notebook with my nanny. she cried for half the movie but really loved it. things like this remind me how happy i am to be back with my family and free to hang out with them at pretty much the drop of a hat. it's a good thing to keep in mind when i'm bitching about missing madrid so much. :]

i hope everyone is doing great!!

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