Thursday, 23 July 2009

i have no sympathy...

...when you waste such time, you waste such time. i have no sympathy for you.

i've been helping my mum clear out her closet. it's probably the least i could do seeing as she didn't mind the sidecut incident. basically...i've been threatening to shave my head for a long time now. i told her i'd do it in stages so she could get used to it bit by bit. on sunday i asked her to help me do a sidecut. she hid the hair shears. so i took matters into my own hands (well, ella's very capable hands but you get my drift).

in the end she just did that thing where she tuts and rolls her eyes, then an hour later says "it is actually quite YOU*."

and now i have an exciting multi-coloured, fleecey, pocketed, jumper-dress thing that she hasn't worn in years but could well become my new festival/BBQ staple. the other jumper is one she just finished knitting for herself that i have yet to convince her to send my way...but i'm hoping it's only a matter of time.

sorry for the (even more) awful (than usual) photo quality but i'm working with my dad's camera, which clearly doesn't agree with me.


*i have yet to fully decide whether my parents use the word "you" in this sense with me in a derogatory way or a positive one.


things that happen when you least need them to...

-essays that actually count a lot toward yr grade.

-losing yr phone at yr own house party. (how is that EVEN possible??)

-complaints about said party to university...most likely result being a fine. money i don't have.

-people you could do with talking to not being around.

-four o clock in the morning.

-leaving all yr stuff in belfast, camera included.



pee ess: some stuff has been happening. i'll post about it once i've found my dad's camera and done a wee bit more essay research.

Sunday, 19 July 2009

i'm getting better at the small stuff... by day, night by night, little by little, i'm getting alright.

some pictures from this week...

top to bottom:
clothes that have become my general unifrom of late with the occasional changing of oversized band tee shirt. i can't's helping with the changeable weather and comfortable.
my new bracelet which consists of a wooden bead necklace i was given at a little market in mallorca (for speaking spanish, how sweet??) and a tag i got for free at the tropen museum in amsterdam about three years ago. i think it matches my other religiously themed jewelry quite well.
an exceptionally last minute and girly outfit for an FM belfast gig. i almost didn't go. i almost missed the bus. i'm glad i chased it in the end.
an epic fail attempt at capturing literally THOUSANDS of birds flying over my house at dusk.
a make-up experiment that resulted from boredom when i was clearing out my room yesterday. i kind of like it. maybe a little too much.

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Thursday, 16 July 2009


we climbed a mountain...we celebrated my nanny's 80th birthday...we burnt a giant effigy of bill cosby in the name of his birthday. we got very very drunk.

oop. can't complain. :]

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Sunday, 12 July 2009

it's a'comin'...

BC BBQ BBZ!!exclaim.

as you may know...12th of july is kind of a controversial day in northern ireland. it involves bonfires...and parades...which are words that bring to mind funtimes. however...these bonfires and parades are not necessarily THOSE kinds of bonfires and parades...and things have a tendency to end messily.

which is why all the cool kids (for which read "my friend john and i plus all our geekish counterparts") would rather celebrate that other thing that the date is famous for...THE BIRTH OF BILL COSBY!!

it's going to be hectic. i literally cannot wait to get on the bus tomorrow. there will be a barbecue, a bonfire with a burning effigy, live music and a lot of people i haven't seen for a long time. plus a beach. now all we need is for the weather situation to improve. these guys are playing. check them out, i am their official merch girl...merch is on its way i swear. on a none band related note yesterday i led the two singers up a mountain in my hometown (photos to come) which was some of the best fun ever. it was a really beautiful day and you could see the whole town and beach below. i've missed that.

anyway...i'm gona go try to get an early night in preparation for tomorrow.

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Thursday, 9 July 2009


still alive.
just barely.

sorry i disappeared for a bit...i had even less internet in mallorca than i thought i would. i am now firmly back in ireland. it is beyond surreal. last night i went out with bally (well i had been back 23 hours, you know??) and i felt like a little alien girl, seriously.

i also have new glasses...after drunkenly leaving my old ones on the bus to the airport after a very messy last night in madrid. :/ i swear i am my opticians best customer. but clearly also his favourite...cos he gave me a heap of vintage frames for i can keep some and sell some. IKR??

pictures and stories (of which there are many) will have to wait a little bit as i'm off to belfast today to sort out some house drama. i just need to move in and get settled so i can feel like i am really here...but our landlord is already being an asshole. shockerrr.

hope everyone is good!!:]

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