Saturday, 25 April 2009

i look just like buddy holly, and you're mary tyler moore...

...i don't care what they say about us anyway...i don't care 'bout that.

some snapshots from the aforementioned pin-ups party for ella's birthday.

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the dazzling conor...who is so dazzling he was featured in the fashion section of this magazine...but i can't find the photos of the actual spread.

crunk faces with michael...who went to a gig i couldn't attend (though i went to see a friend's band play a fantastic show instead) and also got papped by the same magazine.

a birthday picnic in the park for ella's 21st birthday!! featuring the best mexican ever and an exciting diy cake.

me being very mature during the birthday cookie baking experience.

pac man cookie!! which i owe him more of...there, now you have it in writing, happy??

belfast sight seeing with the lovely cristina who visited from spain!! this is the sad fish.

a little hit of nostalgia on the walk to my old brother's tag. when i see these in belfast they make me smile cos i remember the night he drew them during one of his visits home from amsterdam.

ella's amazing vest...that we like to consider an homage to david bowie. i think it's from

a sketchy night out with two of my boos and future housemates!!:]

easter sunday at my house with my lovely english guests, before we all had a wee bit too much wine and champagne. :/

all in all i had one of the best easters ever!! it was so great to just get to catch up and hang out with my friends and family again. sadly all the pretty scenic photos i have from my mountain adventures etc were on a disposable camera. i can't wait 'til my mum sends me the prints from it!!

i am currently fighting my way through an evil philosophy of law essay which i need to have finished by sunday in order to start all my other work. and i have essentially put myself under house arrest as i am without my flatkeys and all my flatmates have gone away for a festival this weekend without leaving me a set. :/ i may go stir crazy.

i have exciting things to blog and exciting things going on in life in general at the minute though. for tomorrow.

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Tuesday, 21 April 2009

barcelona loves you!!

proof that i do in fact, still exist and am infact, back in spain (hello wood panelling)...

yeah yeah yeahs tee, topshop dress, primark tights, mother's vintage belt.

also proof that my mother finally caved and gave me this tan belt that she has had since she was my age and that i have always adored!!:] which is pretty much my entire reason for posting this entire outfit again. though i'll try to get a better picture of it during the week.

apologies for the slow and stop blogging of late...things have been pretty hectic. an illustration of this lies in the fact that i got back last wednesday and have yet to unpack my suitcase!!

i will upload some ireland photos and give detail on "that which i have been holding you in suspense over" ASAP!! and fill you in on life stories etc.

for now...a list of reasons why today was awesome:
-today was one euro pizza day!! (i know!!)
-tomorrow is FREE ICE CREAM DAY!! (ben and jerrys!!...i'm not really a big icecream fan but i do love ben and jerrys.)
-my friend cat and i booked flights to BARCELONA in may!!...for TWO EURO EACH!!

hope your day was equally fantastic.



Sunday, 19 April 2009

i'm ill...not sick...

i have so little money and yet so much desire to purchase these two fantastic tee shirts...
both from

ha, in case you haven't figured it out yet i'm a bit of a wannabe ghetto princess. :] these are both ace...but i can probably just make my own come summer when i have a bit more time on my hands and my dad's printer at my disposal.

also...i am pretty ill at the moment. i have completely lost my voice (it has been gone for like four days now!! should i start to worry??) and as a result my chest and throat have fallen out with me.

hopefully tomorrow i will have more energy to upload my ireland photos and do a proper post.

nighty night.

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Friday, 17 April 2009

"they speak american, idiot!!"

say hello to jonathan duane bradley esquire...aka "boyface":].

all from topman as far as i can remember.
"awk, hiya!!":]

this, ladies and gentlemen, is my best friend in the whole wide of the few people who has floated around in my life for a DECADE!! he keeps me on the straight and narrow and doesn't even mind when i call him a thousand silly nicknames (though maybe only because he has as many equally stoopy ones for me).

and i'm sure you'll agree, he has pretty awesome taste in clothing to boot!! and was nice enough to let me take a wee photo of him in his formal/graduation attire to post on here despite the fact that it evidently made him quite awkward. also, shoes are missing because he hadn't bought them yet but they were lovely brown ones.

anyway...i am now back in (not as sunny as it should be:[) regular posting including a wee catch up will resume over the next few days. i have something exciting to show off!!

hope you are all well and that easter was as great for you as it was for me!!:]

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Wednesday, 8 April 2009

we trade alcohol for blood...

okay guys, the amaaazing rachie(of whom i beyond want to raid the closet/piles of clothes all over her room!!) of leopardprint and lace has given me a lovely award that i wish to share with you all in the spirit of easter and the fact that i am ridiculously happy at this exact moment of time and hope you are too!!

1)Put the award in one post as soon as you receive it.
2)Don’t forget to mention the person who gives you the award.
3)Answer the award’s question by writing the reason why you love blogging.
4)Tag and distribute the award to as many people as you like.
5)Don’t forget to notify the award receivers and put their links in your post.

Why I Love Blogging:
eek...i love it for so many reasons. it is an amazing way to encounter people who have the same or completely different tastes and lifeviews from me, which is something i enjoy. i've only had this blog a few months and already i have met some of the coolest girls (and guys) ever to share ideas and even disagreements with. i love reading blogs on subjects i don't necessarily agree on because i just love people who are passionate about what they are saying full stop. generally it's just nice to have an outlet that means i can pour out my pointless views on clothes, life and the universe in general and feel like i'm not just boring my friends to tears, hah. aaand i love the fact that it allows me to organise my otherwise complete scatterbrain thoughts as well as acting as a kind of online scrapbook about how my tastes and even my life have changed and developed. hah, whatever the reason, it is clear to see now that i am pretty much hooked!! also, i apologise for the slightly rambly sense of this mother and i may have had a touch too much vino this evening.

anywaaay...i would now like to tag EVERYONE!! all the blogs i have in my sidebar are there for a reason, because i love reading them and think they are fantastic so i would like to know why you all blog too!! hopefully you'll be slightly more coherent than i was!!

i'm heading back to belfast tomorrow night for a night out with my spanish friend cristina who is visiting and an exciting semi-secret party/club thing on hopefull i will have lots to fill you in on post-weekend. aaand my mum has invited two of my best friends (poor english souls) to share in easter festivities with needless to say i am beyond looking forward to this, my last weekend at home until summerrr!! :/ how crazy!!

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peace out!!

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

i'm so clever, oh but clever ain't wise...

zara dress, jonathan aston tights, babyshambles tee shirt (attacked with scissors), primark mens cardigan (stolen from gavin).

i've literally just had one of the best weeks ever!! from days spent reading and lying in the sun at the harbour, burritos and coffee dates with my dad, mountain walks and breakfasts/lunches with my mum, wee nights out dancing and watching a friend's band, nights in with my boos, a birthday cake and chill out time in the park and a pin-up themed fancy dress party...all in all, a ridiculous amount of fun!!

i'll put up a few photos as soon as i get the chance...but for now i'm going to make some hot chocolate and curl up in bed with a this is my first chance to get an early(-ish) night since last wednesday!! also...i figured i'd post a quick outfit. i got the babysambles tee shirt two or three years ago at a gig but haven't worn it in i decided to cut it into a shape i might wear a bit more often. i had to put the little fabric star over the "u" to clam my mum down when i first got it, hee. :] the world may disagree, but i think pete doherty is amazing!!



Wednesday, 1 April 2009

playing dress up...

i have/had a birthday party with a "pin-ups" theme to go to on friday which i think i've decided on an outfit for. today my little sister and i were trying out various haor and make-up ideas which turned into a general fancy dress session and ended with us dancing around our living room to yeah yeah yeahs. :] the scarf on my head was a present my mum got me from a wee vintage shop in my hometown...i adore it and want to wear it constantly!! i love that my mum shares my scarf obsession. she also gave me a tan belt she used to wear when she was my age that i have had my eye on for years now!!

oh, and my camera is neeearly charged!! yay.