Friday, 23 January 2009

this is my comeback girl... exams are OVER!!:]

so naturally we had to go on a small shopping trip to celebrate (and commiserate that the cideria was's ok though, i have two cans chilling in my fridge right now).

here are some of my purchases...sorry i don't have time to try them on but i am currently flailing between packing and getting ready to go out tonight.

a slouchy waistcoat thing from bershka that i couldn't resist at 2€ int the sale!!
stocked up on oversize h&m tees again.

superhero ring from bijou brigitte.

i also got a little plain black skirt and some other stuff in h&m but didn't have time to take pictures.

there's a strong chance that some of the above will work it's way into my outfit for the trip home tomorrow so i'll maybe have time to snap a picture then??

today i had to say goodbye to some of my friends who were only studying here for one semester, which was pretty sad as i am a big girl's blouse. but i have made plans to see my friend nieltje when i visit my brother in holland this summer, which is exciting!!

also...please bear with me as i attempt to blog as much as possible over the next two weeks at home. i tend to shimmy between my parents' house and my boyfriend's and friends' which is pretty hectic. but i shall try to update as much as possible.

happy weekending!!:]

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"i lean towards fiction, but you deal with fact, i don't mind the friction cos, opposites attract."

hello awkward looking self:]

topshop dress, primark top and tights, keds shoes.

this is what i wore to my european law exam the other day (which i passed!!). it's still pretty cold here so layers ahoy!! apparently it won't stop raining at home, hopefully it will stop when i am over so i can go for the nighttime beach walks i've been dreaming of all week. french was awful. we don't know for sure yet but i'm positive i've failed. one more to go...european and international human rights tomorrow...and then i am freeeee!!

we have planned celebratory sidra and shopping followed by a night out. which will be fine as long as i can find time in the middle somewhere to pack and don't get too drunk and end up with terrible having to travel early when hungover. worst feeling in the world...but i always seem to be hungover on planes!! oops.

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Monday, 19 January 2009

here's one i made earlier...

whilst revising last night all i could do was thinki about the impending trip back home and some delights i want to pick up when i'm over there, now that i have a tiiiiiny bit of money to treat myself with.

wish upon a star

topman denim shirt, white oversize tee with pocket, sequinned leggings, priceless boots, topshop blazer, leopard print plugs.

i definitely hope to pick up the denim topman shirt because there's just something so cool about it and i love the idea of wearing light denim in the middle of winter. i've raved about it so much since first seeing it on the website that one of my guy friends (who really isn't the type) now wants one.

the sequin leggings are something i've been debating for a while now...mostly due to the inevitable mess i would make of them. but they are the perfect answer to those wet-look aa rip offs that are everywhere these days and i've been told river island have a nice pair at a decent price so i may be tempted. they also have flower print tights which i have been searching for foreverrr but i don't know whether they're exactly what i want...i'm picky.

the blazer is lovely but i don't think it will ever be mine as i just don't think i'd get enough wear out of it. i can't remember where this particular teeshirt is from but i love it...i'll probably have to make do with just sewing some pockets on menswear tees though. boyfriend dearest has already hinted that he has bought me plugs like this, yay. and finally, those boots are only £12 from if they have them in my size and they don't murder my feet they will definitely be mine.

one exam down, two to go. so i'm off for a nap before i start french revision.

i swear after this week, i will never take life without exams or feeling ill for granted again.



Sunday, 18 January 2009


dress: topshop

In full awareness that this is the first outfit post in aaaaages, i apologise that it is oh so very lame.

unfortunately with all these exams to revise for (starting with an oral on european law tomorrow, eek) and the fact that i have now been ill and unable to leave the house for four days; i have been living in tee shirts, leggings and comfy dresses.

i got this one from topshop in the sale last was like a tenner...but technically i got it for free cos the girl at the desk forgot to ring it through. i didn't notice until it was too late but i still feel really bad about that (mostly cos there's more of a backstory to WHY she forgot). but then i used to work there, and ten pounds is nothing to i'll just chalk it up as a stroke of luck?? it's woollen, so nice and warm...but i've worn it in summer too. i just love the tiny little stripes and the collar:

and yes i am tightless in zero degree weather...but only because this illness has provided me with a pretty high temperature...i wouldn't endorse going anywhere in madrid without several layers right now. i think my flatmates think i have gone insane because i constantly have my window open.

well...back to revision i go. and to dream of the fact that in a week's time all these awful exams will be over and i will be organising two weeks of cosy pubs, cinema dates and home cooked meals in ireland. :]


Thursday, 15 January 2009

baby, i miss you...

i have been ill all day today. and i am trying to revise for these damn exams when i feel so bleh. and when i feel this bleh and need get well cuddles i only miss him even more. :[

please excuse the general grossness of the picture...nights out and lots of goodbyes do that to me. :]

sometimes i wonder why my friends even try to get sense from me:
G: you've gotten awfully ghetto of late.
M: nah...i think i just show it more every once in a while. either way, it was probably a natural progression.
G: yes...from alt. country to hip-hop...i see what you mean.

actually, i bet a shocking number of cowboys listen to lil wayne.

anyway...i'm off to watch some gilmore girls, drink green tea, skype the boy and get an "early night". hopefully that will shift this blehness.

sweet dreams.


completely obsessed...

i really love coffee. and tea. and cookies. and goats cheese and jalapeno relish sandwiches. and my boyfriend works in a place that provides me with all of the above for free (yeh, i am fully aware of how amazingly lucky i am). luckier still, one of my best friends ger shares my passion for the above list. meaning we have been known to spend almost entire days in the coffee shop catching up, hopping ourselves up on too much caffeine and generally planning all the places we want to live in the world. (he's an architect, he's gona build me a house once i get to that place in life...word)

another one of our favourite passtimes is drawing in eachothers diaries or him drawing on me. when i was at home for christmas he drew this pink unicorn as an ode to the transfer from my birthday. i have long been obsessed with unicorns. but now i fear i am becoming obsessed with the idea of this particular unicorn. who knows...if i had the balls and a mother who wouldn't murder me, maybe i'd get a real version?? but for now i think i'll stick to my usual retort of "my boyfriend has enough tattoos for both of us!!"

true life conversations between my boyfriend and my mother #1:
M: what type of a person would want a tattoo of miffy on their shoulder??
B: the question is, what type of a person WOULDN'T want a tattoo of miffy on their shoulder?!

she deals with his generall strangeness rather well. :]


Wednesday, 14 January 2009

i'm late, i'm late, for a very important date...

hello madrid...

apologies for being absolutely m.i.a recently but a series of unfortunate events outside of my control such as broken internet in ireland and "un montón de trabajo" i have hardly had time to catch my breath let alone blog. i definitely didn't take the time to check the weather reports for spain at imagine my surprise when i touched down to a madrid COVERED in snow. note to self: giant suitcase, boots with slippery soles and ice=not a good combination.

i won't bore you with a pile of photos and stories from christmas and new years but suffice to say i had a wonderful time and would probably be feeling extremely homesick right now if i a)had time and b)wasn't gong back to ireland for two weeks on the 24th as part of my boyfriend's birthday present.

i hope everyone had a fantastic christmas and i wish lots and lots of luck to anyone unlucky enough (like me) to have exams in the next few weeks!! i have three in five days; one french and two spanish...bleh!!

oh!! i do feel the need however, to post a picture of this beautiful antique ladie's pocketwatch.

my dad's friend is an antique dealer and he has it in his shop. my dad has offered him a price to buy it for me for my 21st but the guy is tracing its origin and waiting to price it. i fear it may end up being too dear to adorn my frame, but whoever buys it will be very lucky.

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