Thursday, 13 May 2010

worth a shot...

i know i haven't posted here in ages but seeing as it is a mostly style directed blog i figured this would be worth a try. i need people to fill in this spanish questionnaire for me so that i can use the answers as part of the research portion of my spanish oral presentation on fashion blogs and spanish fashion. problem is i have to give the presentation on tuesday and i still haven't got a single response, so if anyone speaks spanish or knows someone else who could help me out, i'd be forever indebted!! if all else fails i might just post it in english before the weekend is through to see if i can even get some english opinions to work with.

1) Por qué empezaste tu blog de moda y cuándo?

2) Qué crees de la fama que otras españolas han recidibo a causa de sus blogs? (por ejemplo, amlul)

3) Qué piensas de “la moda española”?- de qué consiste? como lo ha cambiado durante los años? existe una moda española “moderna”?

4) Describame tu estilo personal.

5) Piensas que hay un aspecto o una influencia de la moda tradicional española en tu estilo?

6) Estás de acuerdo con la noción que los blogs de moda han cambiado la manera en que vimos la moda y el estilo para siempre, a través de un tipo de “globalización” dónde no existen diferencias entre la moda desde un país al otro? crees que la “globalización” del estilo ha tenido un efecto negativo en la moda española?

7) Qué dirías a alguien que opina que los blogs de moda y la obsesión de moda en nuestra generación están culpable de los trastornos de comer, la falta de autoestima y imagenes corporales negativas etc?


(y por avor, corrigeme si he hecho errores en la lengua!! estoy aprendiendo todavía y necesito toda la ayuda que pueda obtener.)

i'm mostly still hanging out here.


Tuesday, 23 March 2010

note to self: don't die.

i've been pretty fail at life recently. all those rumours about being a final year student and how it ruins yr general existence are pretty true. having said that, i have (finally) started a new blog. it's probably not going to be very fashion/style centered, unless i can pluck up the courage to hound other people for outfit photographs (which would be ideal). i don't really know what it will be like or for at the moment, but i guess it's kind of exciting not to have any real plan and to just see where something takes you. i guess i feel like i'm going to be more "me" on it. i'm not exactly sure how that will go down, but we'll see.

anyyyway, i know it can be pretty annoying when people do this, but here's the new link:

if yr in anyway interested in what i am/am not up to, click it and add it or whatever. :] but i won't be offended if not. anyone who wants me to link them again on the new blog let me know. i still read every single one of the blogs on my blogroll every day and i adore them all!!

peace, love and waves of nausea.

<3 Ru xxx

ps: oh yeah, and i dyed my hair blonde. what do you think??

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

botfly brain.

i'm pretty much a husk of a human due to finals at the minute. but once they're over, the blog is getting an absolute overhaul. exciting!!

to do:
-spanish translation
-human rights coursework
-spanish exam
-human rights exam
-spanish presentation
-spanish oral
-evidence exam

then i can get back to reading all the books i want to read and blog type things and zine type things. ace.

<3 click