Sunday, 16 August 2009

mister, look at yr girl.

this is what happens when my friends arrive at my house at eleven pm, two bottles of wine in hand, and tell me (and my mother) that i don't have a choice in the matter; i simply must go out dancing.

the dress is an old xxl topman tee that i cut up. i had to steal some leggings from my little sister. the jacket belongs to Shoes but i love it so much i don't think i will ever be able to give it back to him. i've been wearing it all week. and that is an epic hangover breakfast. giant bottle of lucozade also provided by friends not pictured. :]

photos aligned to the left or centre??

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Saturday, 15 August 2009

come on rick!! i'm not a child...

...i'm not special or one of a kind.

A big thankyou to the adorable sophia from tictactomato who tagged me for this award a while back. apologies for being such a sham and only getting around to it now. so here are my seven (un)interesting things about myself:

one- i have been a vegetarian for around nine years now and i can't imagine ever eating meat again. for the record, the choice was based upon not really liking the taste of meat and a belief that if i don't have to kill something in order to survive then i would prefer not to do so.

two- i have studied classical singing up to grade 8 and it is one of my favourite things in the world to do. but i hate actually singing classical music in front of people cos i get so self-conscious/it's quite personal for me.

three- i don't watch tv.

four- this week i am constantly listening to/shouting these three songs: titus andronicus-titus andronicus, volcano!-africa just wants to have fun and future of the left-arming eritrea.

five- my three lifelong obsessions are the moon, zombies and unicorns. two of those things are not real. that probably says a lot about my mind.

six- i am allergic to my cat's nose. it makes me come out in a rash. the rest of her is fine's just her nose.

seven- on wednesday i am going to belgium for pukkelpop festival and i literally cannot wait. this is my third year in a row attending and between the line-up and the group of friends we have going, i know it is going to be the best yet!!

i'm tagging these five girls because their blogs always seem so fresh and never bore me: savage sunshine, lauh-ren, ripped-knees, raben schwarz and thrillsand frills.

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Saturday, 8 August 2009

where do people like us go??

i've been spending the day rooting through the bags upon bags of clothes i have had stored at my parent's house for well over a year now...trying to sort everything into some kind of vague order of ebay/charity/sister/keep. so far i'm two bags down (and afraid to actually count how many more to go) and i have rediscovered some gems already. my favourites so far being this scarf, a pair of bright red shoulder pads (that i'm thinking could look ace underneath a sheer white deep v-neck tee or the like) and a polkadot crop top that i bought in a spanish thrift store a few years ago and thought had fallen victim to my attic (which i seriously suspect eats my belongings).

apparently my brackets addiction still exists.

back to the bathroom mirror, my own camera and trademark awkward poses. :]

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new things.

ive been talking about "exciting impending events" for a ridiculously long time now. so in are few new occurrences (one slightly unexpected) to keep everyone up to speed...

new house...with a bitchin' blue wall in the back yard...for which my mother has promised to give me one of her 12 foot tall sunflowers!!:] we're currently trying to get the place in order to whatever extent our highly impoverished selves can maybe i'll do a little post about the place once it feels ready.

new (dash kind of old if anyone picks up on previous posts he's featured in) boy shaped thing. he likes the dismemberment plan and my sidecut. he aiiite. :]

new project that i am contributing to. it's a belfast/northern ireland music blog-meets-zine type thing. i'm really excited for this cos it has loads of potential. it is still in the early stages but that just seems to make it more fun to be involved in. check it out if yr in any way musically inclined cos it covers a lot of stuff such as live reviews for touring bands etc etc etc.:

i'll put a link up to the side anyway.

and fiiinally...i can reveal that there are new musical aspiration based things taking place as well. but no more about that until i have more to share. oop!!:]

last but not is my little sister's seventeenth birthday on sunday. i can't believe she is seventeen...unreal!! but i also can't believe how little money i have at such a crucial time of the year. i have promised to buy her an N*E*R*D tee shirt when i am at pukkelpop in a few weekends time...but any suggestions as per nice (but ridiculously cheap, or preferably, FREE) small gifts i could give dash make for her on the day would be highly appreciated.

happy weekending!!


Friday, 7 August 2009

aye, i am aye...

currently sitting in my parent's back garden (i felt ill and decided to go home for the weekend) talking to my brother on the phone (giving him NYC tips) and playing a music quiz with my mum and dad (highly competitive).

we are also very, very drunk. already.

six bottle of wine will teach me right for asking my dad to teach me about how to pick decent stuff.

anyyyway...i'm going to make some dinner and head back to kick (more) ass in the quiz. but i'll post properly tonight. my life is not normal sometimes.

(and i am VERY fond of brackets this evening, hell.)

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