Thursday, 18 December 2008

bit of a blur*

the last couple of days have been a complete blur of essays and dressing up and wearing heels and dancing and drinking and birthdayness and tea parties and classes and adventures and christmas dinners//cenas de navidad and trains and flights and busses...generally, i don't think words can properly explain the craziness or fun of it all.  i'm not even sure that photographs can-but they're fun to look at.
unicorn-ness!!boyness<3glaswegian.visitor from barcelona.bee eff effsbirthday loot :]GIANT DOOR!!compulsary clouds.the air host made me a sydney opera house serviette!! wow.


finally i am home for christmas!!

i've literally only been in the country for like eight hours but i've already had burritos with the boy and coffee with my dad and dinner with my family.  and tomorrow night will be lots of dancing with friends (plus free guestlist spots for my birthday:]).  aaand-my brotherrr<3 comes home on friday!!  i'm pretty ecstatic right <3xx*speaking of i did not manage to get tickets to the hyde park gig.  and doubt i will ever be able to afford to see them this year.  sad face.


okaaaaay...before i provide a little update post i have excitement to share.  the lovely lauren over at lauh-ren's odd blog has been nice enough to tag me for this little award (i'm very excited and don't at all feel deserving...can you tell it's my first??hee):i think i'm meant to pass it on to eight people but, truth be told, being kinda new to this thing means that i don't have a full eight bloggers that would actually carry on the tag??  nonetheless, i hope this list will suffice:

-savage sunshine
-rantings of a fashion addict
-a future in noise

for the record...if i could, i would tag lauren back because i have totally become addicted to her blog and the amazing illustrations she if anybody hasn't stumbled across her yet-go checcck itt now!!:]click <3xx

Saturday, 13 December 2008


i am now finished my main essay, in english at least. 3200 words that now just need to be translated into spanish.

hairband-H&M, teeshirt-H&M, skirt/boobtube-primark, tights-topshop.

i've tidied my room too. so at least i can tick two(well, one and a half) items off my to-do list. though i doubt i'll miraculously pull off the tranlsation in the next few hours...meaning january presentation slot ans having to complete it on my first few days back in ireland. oh well.

it will be worth it for the birthday fun over the next few days!! the boy is bringing over my dress, ive got my exciting fake tattoo and some heels with an excuse to wear them for a change:] my best friend arrives tomorrow along with some very cherished others aaand the club we are going to has put me on the guestlist plus fifteen!! also, my friend cat bought me a sequin mask and hairband (as well as a candy necklace and some irish tea to get me through me essay, how sweet!!) the words of a boo..."tote 'cited!!"

in other news, i am currently completely obsessed with this colour of lipstick!!'s 4.10am and i have to be up at 8am to go pick the boy up from the airport...think i'll abandon the essay for bed.

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Wednesday, 10 December 2008

seconds, minutes, hours...




sorry post quality/quantity has been thin on the ground of late...i, like everybody else around me seems to be, am swamped with class work and christmas organising and generally trying to get everything out of the way before my birthday//friends and boyfriend visit//i go home for the holidays.

trust me, you don't want the rants that would be inevitable if i did get time to blog properly. some people, some things...are just strange right now.

i am literally counting down every possible unit of time until saturday at this point. and my organs feel like they are made of wool because of it. excitement mixed with worry i guess.

also...cannot post what i am thinking of wearing on my birthday as planned because some silly girl left the dress in ireland and the parents have to send it over!! oops.




Monday, 8 December 2008

"hanging on the telephone..."

okay so i shall keep you in suspense no longer. THIS is what the new hair looks like:

((please excuse my aversion for looking directly at cameras...this is the pic i took to show my boyfriend otherwise i'd never post such a close up of my face...i'm not a fan:]))

i'm getting a little more used to it now so it's not so bad as the initial shock at unwanted black hair was. i am, however, a little worried that i will have to pin my fringe back constantly as when it is down the whole look is just too much. the black is a bit all encompassing and when it is covering half my face with my hair already being so long, i look a little too emo for my own good(no offence to any emos out there...i just don't think it's a look a can work).

anywayyy...i am STILL no further in my essaying but have promised myself it will be done by thursday so that all weekend birthday fun can occur unhindered. today i was meant to finish off my christmas shopping but we decided to leave it until wednesday as everyone was just too tired. instead i bought a couple of silly little things on etsy for the boyfriend(which i can't post here in case he sees them, sadly)...all for under $20...i am a very happy panda indeed.

i officially have only five days of actual classes left before i go home...i'm getting ridiculously impatient. especially cos i want it to be saturday already do i can see my boyfriend and allie-boo NOW!!

click <3


"all i wana do is stay inside and look out the window..."

so far this weekend i have done...two and a half pages of french. oops.

but the christmas lights are onnn:

and i have done some christmas shopping and some epic amounts of eating. and cat and i watched "in her shoes" and "four weddings and a funeral" cos we were feeling especially girly last night.

and i may or may not have went for the hair dye thing. then decide i didnt like it and dye it brown again. only for it to go JET BLACK!!...not good.

my camera is fooked otherwise i would show you the hilarious pictures i have from the "three hair colours in three days" excitement.

seabear have been getting me through it though. banjoes always make me feel uber-christmassy...something to do with a cousin's christmas present when we were wee and sufjan and his many christmas albums i think.

hope everyone had an awesome...less targic hair story filled...weekend. :]

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Friday, 5 December 2008

far gone with your long distance calls...

last night consisted of doing ridiculous dances and posing for ridiculous photos before having a two-person-tea-party at a ridiculous time in the morning. absolute bliss.

vest-primark, cardigan-yumi, tights-primark.

though having only crawled into my bed at around six am, i didn't roll out of it until abot three in the afternoon. i then busied myself doing just about everything i possibly could around the flat(including cleaning BOTH bathrooms) in order to avoid french and law presentation writing.

i am the procrastinator extraordinaiiire. oops.

oh's off to work i go now for a fun-filled night of french then early to bed so i am well rested for a christmas shopping adventure to madrid tomorrow.

and maybe a hair dye session?? who knows.

Click <3

Thursday, 4 December 2008

deadlines and dye??

i get bored pretty easily...because of this, i tend to change my hair cut and colour...a lot.

well i guess the point is, i'm bored at th moment. blonde is the only colour that i have never dyed my hair. i always kind of thought it was one of those things that looked great on others but just wasn't me. had you asked me five years ago if i would ever dye my hair blonde i'd have been incredibly dubious about the whole thing.

...and yet now i am curious. i am considering doing it just to see what it's like?! so basically was just wondering if anyone had any thoughts on the issue?? or even other colour suggestions?? i'll probably do whatever i decide to do with it over the weekend so all thoughts apreciated asap.

i want to cut it really short too but the look i have in mind would involve it being really dark brown...and i don't feel quite ready to chop it all off(again) just yet...hence the wanting to keep it long and experiment with colour a little first.

also...i wish i could have this for breakfast every day of my life(well not quite, but almost):

but i've promised my boyfriend i won't eat any more of them without long as he doesn't go for burritos without me until i get home for christmas. :]

nine days:]

happy puente everyone!!



i am a five year old boy at heart.

please forgive the terrible quality of this photo and the terrible rushed post but today has been filled with running a million errands. i feel like my feet are only touching the ground now and it is half past midnight.

unfortunately, after making up and breaking down and recompiling several to-do lists, i am only now realising just how much work and other stuff i have to do within the next two weeks. eek. hence the hi-tops and oversized shirt combo today:] for me, menswear=instant comfort whilst still looking a little different.

i love this teeshirt...i love iggy and the stooges...i wish i had iggy pop's energy just over the next few weeks. i bet he would get everything on my lists done and still feel wound up enough to party every night!!

teeshirt-iggy and the stooges gig, vest-primark, jeans-topshop, shoes-primark.

i...on the other hand, just feel like crawling into bed. espcially tonight because today i picked up the most awesome kid's comforter blanket thing on sale for 6€!! i must have been channelling my inner boy all day, between this and the outfit...but nonetheless i am a massive comicbook geek so couldn't pass up the amazing spiderman(or "speederman" as the spanish pronounce it...which always makes me laugh...more cos it's cute than that i'm trying to insult anyone). aaand, it is pretty much the softest material ever!!

yes, yes there is a heffalump in my bed:] and can you tell i miss my friends from home?? ha.

anyway...i'm off to make some hot chocolate and watch some gilmore girls before sleep(ah...i'm a girl after all!!).

thanks again for the really sweet's totally unexpected and a real boost!!



Tuesday, 2 December 2008

you know i dreamed about you...

look what arrived in the mail today:]...

i have a bit of an obsession with childish transfer tattoos(despite being far too indecisive of what i could ever get as a real tattoo...or maybe due to it??) and have wanted this one ever since i first saw it on etsy. it is by an amazing illustrator//artist called julia pott who is also the genius behind the beautiful video for the new casiotone for the painfully alone single. anyway, last week i finally decided that my birthday was the perfect excuse to buy it. so in a couple of weeks it will adorn my arm as i dance all night in madrid(and hopefully last until my second party at home??). for now, it is stuck up on my wall(i think i will be quite sad when it is gone). i mean awesome is it??

oh...and julia also wins a prize for this brilliant stamp:

today i slept in and missed my first class...oops!! looks like the weekend is finally catching up on me. i think i might have to ignore my ridiculously long to-do list for just one day and get an early night.

jumper-primark, vest-topshop, skirt-h&m, tights-primark, shoes-converse.

now i'm off to make a pb+j for dinner...beyond lazy!!


a pinch and a punch.

i am quickly falling in love with this dress i bought last week in bershka. it is one of the comfiest dresses i have ever worn and so unbelievably soft. not to mention how easy it is to dress up or make completely casual(i was only going to class today so nothing too exciting i'm afraid).

tee-shirt-topman, dress-bershka, cardigan-primark mens, woolly tights-primark, shoes-keds...hilarious uni-themed photo-sleep deprived brain.

also, it has pockets!! anyone who knows me will be aware of my insane appreciation for dresses or skirts with pockets...i even have a tendency to add my own sometimes. :] the back has a really cool looking exposed zipper but i couldn't get a decent picture of it.

i am also considering the different ways i could wear it...such as like a skirt below. any thoughts?? it also comes in a really dark charcoal colour if anyone is interested. can't complain for 16€.

anyway...dress rave over. today i just floated about going to classes(where my french teacher told me to see her after class on thursday as she doesn't think i have even basic enough french to pass the exam...there is a long back story to this involving me being in a BEGINNERS french class with fluent speakers and a teacher who ONLY teaches in french...i was a tiny bit irritated), reading in starbucks and visiting my friend cat in her new flat.

when i got home there was a huge package for boyfriend's mum had sent me an advent calendar!!:] with a little card saying it could help count down the days until i am hone for christmas. how sweet is that??

happy first of december everyone!!


Sunday, 30 November 2008


due to a little bit too much of this on friday night:

and someone deleting my outfit picture from yesterday, i have no actual outfit posts for the weekend.

i did have an amazing time though, and it was so good to get to catch up with the birthday girl. on the downside we did visit salamanca for a full three days and succeed in not actually seeing it AT ALL during daytime until our food and train station stop off today. shams. but i definitely plan to return and explore the city and learn a little more about its cultural side etc.

on the even bigger downside...i also lost my purse(luckily sans bankcards) and my irish mobile, meaning no more texts from the boyfriend. :[


oh and thankyou so much for the lovely comments!!

<3 click.


Thursday, 27 November 2008

je veux te voir

today was spent feeling ill. and feeling guilty for feeling so ill that i skipped french despite only having two more thursday sessions before christmas. :/

(teeshirt-topman, shirt-h+m, cardigan-pull and bear, jeans-hilfiger, shoes-bronx...the hairtie is just the belt from the cardigan.)

i did, however, manage to struggle out of my duvet cocoon for long enough to go on a birthday present search for my friend niamh. i am so beyond stoked for this weekend...we are going to salamanca tomorrow, where niamh is living this year, and staying until sunday. it's her 21st on monday so friday and saturday nights look set to be full of drunken excitement and scandal. it's been so long since i've seen her and i really can't wait to catch up!!

last year i got her kanye west tickets, meaning that matching that with this year's gift felt nigh on impossible...but i did manage to get her something i hope she will really love from bershka and some silly childish presents to ease the pain of/ignore turning 21(she hates the thought of it).

i also managed to pick up these little beauties on sale in h+m

there's only eight of them but i think i will only use a couple of them anyway-to send to my boyfriend and friends who have booked flights to come see me in a few weeks for my birthday. :]

unfortunately, i spent money that i don't really have on some "gifts" for myself too...another shirt dress from h+m and one from bershka. they were both quite reasonably priced and i know they'll be really versatile, but even still it looks like i am definitely going to have to impose a personal shopping ban from now 'til christmas...or nobody will be getting any presents!!



how it started...

who really knows how it started...and lord knows it started a long time ago...but welcome to the official beginning of something not very big. but something kind of exciting and kind of personal, which is why i am dubioud about putting it out there on the interwebzzz but hey, you get back what you put out, RIGHT??

a brief introduction:
-my friends call me ru...amongst other names varying from cutesy to mildly insulting.
-i am twenty...but it is my birthday in a couple of weeks. i am as of yet still uncertain as to how i feel about this fact.
-i am from a tiiiny place called newcastle in northern ireland, but this year i am studying in madrid. it is equal parts exciting and scary as hell. i feel like i fall in love with this city a little more every day, whilst learning how to hate it too. (does that even make sense??)
-it does, however, possess my single favourite billboard/piece of graffiti of all time. (see above)
-i have two of the most amazing and beautiful best friends that any girl could everrr ask for. ally and gaby, my boos♥
-sadly, this year we are scattered across the globe. (spain, france and ireland, respectively)
-there is this boy. he is perfect. but he too is in ireland. everyone finds it hilarious that we have the same nickname. (his is "roo", see)
-i swear faaar too's something i'm working on. trying to work on. thinking about working on??
-i enjoy, among other activities: dressing up, dancing like a fool, writing, tights, singing, temporary tattoos, real tattoos(but not on me), receiving letters in the mail, smoking hookahs and brightly coloured cigarettes, self-loathing over said smoking, dreaming of my future home and its interior, ridiculous amounts of jewellery, struggling through a law and languages degree, changing everything all of a sudden and all at once, musicmusicmusicmixtapesmixtapesmixtapes, dreaming of owning a my little pony collection to rival iekeliene stange and, OBVIOUSLY, talking utter trash.

-i want to take YOUR photo, not mine. only i don't have a proper camera, i am the definition of "socially awkward"(i'm just lucky to have quite a number of equally socially awkward friends) aaand i'm definitely too scared to ask in spanish.

-i'm lucky that no-one ever really reads these things. :]

-nice to meet you, anyway.