Tuesday, 31 March 2009

now you know me better baby i'm a quitter...

okay so i got tagged aaand awarded by the lovely sophia of tictactomato to do the show your heart tag and the questions tag. however...at the moment my camera is powerless and i am using my dad's laptop so for now i can only really do the questions tag. hopefully i will be able to post the other tag and maybe some exciting ireland pctures sooooon.

What is your current obsession? baking!! i am going to bake easter cookies with my sister soon and i have a million other ideas of things i want to bake.
What are you wearing right now? a huuuge red plaid shirt stolen from my friend jay with a bow at the neck, wooly tights and my falling apart studded booties.
Who was the last person you hugged? i hugged my daddy goodnight a minute ago.
If you were a tree, what tree would you be? at this precise moment in time, either a cherry blossom tree or a weeping willow. don't ask me why for either cos i have no clue. :]
What’s for dinner? tomorrow=my mum's veggie lasagne and i cannot wait!!
What was the last thing you bought? a bus ticket home.
What are you listening to right now? animals by cocorosie.
What is your favourite weather? crisp, cold but DRY autumn mornings or evenings make my life!!
What’s on your beside table? some jewellery boxes, a lava lamp, a bombay sapphire lamp, old bottles with candles in them, alarm clock, glass of water and many books, graphic novels and cds...i ought to tidy. :/
Say something to the person/s who tagged you. sophia...i'm so glad you found me, your blog is so sweet and i am quite jealous of your obvious artistic skillzzz!!
If you could have a house totally paid for, fully furnished anywhere in the world, where would you want it to be? stockholm!!
Where are you typing from right now? father's laptop.
A book you're currently reading? i've been rereading the bell jar as i didn't bring enough books to spain with me. also the second volume of top ten (i tend to always have a novel and a graphoc novel on the go at the same time, oops). and at the weekend i read howl, ashamedly for the first time ever and i am now in awe.
What would you like to have in your hands right now? the ability to handle all the things i am currently a shamm with much more successfully!!
What is your favourite tea flavour? too hard it depends on mood...regular, green, chamomile, peppermint...i just love tea in general!!
What did you eat for breakfast? banana on toast VERY quickly cos i overslept and was late for a dentist appointment. :/
What did you want to become as a child? a singer, a clothing designer or an aeronautical engineer like my dad...lawl!!
What is your fantasy? to be well travelled, well informed, content in a house filled with charmingly tacky things...and to be really understood, even if only for one small moment in my eentire lifetime.

and now i would like to tag:
rachie pie.
aaandella...who is actually one of my best friends who now follows this blog (and is yet to make fun of me for it, how nice:]) but who i am now going to bully into posting on her own blog!! [i love you really boo<3]

anyway off to bed i go...tomorrow i am clambering up some mountain with my mum and her friend who wishes to practice her spanish with me. clearly nobody told her how bad i am. :]

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Thursday, 26 March 2009

one month...

a few photographic highlights of the last four weeks. not a bad month for such a "bad" month really...

i may or may not be able to post when in ireland depending on internet connections and my ability to stay in one place long enough. fingers crossed!!

i hope everyone else has had amazing months as well!!

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i wanna be a hippy and i wanna...

tonight some our friends who live in halls threw a "bienvenida la primavera" cocktail party with a hippy theme. which pretty much meant headbands and painting flowers on our cheeks. they had decorated their roof terrace with little tealight candles and cutout flowers and scattered cushions everywhere...it looked amazing as well as being very comfy!!

zara dress, primark tights, topman teeshirt (attacked with scissors), converse.

in other news...i leave for ireland this evening (i'm writing this at seven am because i just got home) and i still haven't packed properly!! and i can't find my backpack for hand luggage ANYWHERE!! augurs well...

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Tuesday, 24 March 2009

sneak preview...

these are just a couple of the items that i will be selling in the next week or so...

topman denim shirt (mens XXS), liberty blue boutique floral skirt (one size), h+m black polkadot skirt (size 36), lux@urban outfitters plaid shorts (US size 0 but they are quite loose on me so i'd say UK 6/8/10).

most of what i am selling are items that i really love but just don't wear enough (or shamefully, have never worn at all!!) and i figure someone else could get much more use out of them and let them see the amount of wear that such beautiful clothes deserve!!

anyway...i wanted to give you guys a heads up because i will probably sell them through ebay but if any of you lovely bloggers wanted to purchase any of it i would rather deal directly as it's more intimate and i'd know they're going to a good home. :] and i would be willing to offer them to you at a slightly better price of course!! if anyone has any doubts or questions or wants better photographs (these were pretty rushed) just shout me in a comment.

each of the above items has literally only been worn two or three times, i am a travesty i know. the denim shirt is effectively new and i adore it (remember it featured on this wishlist??)...but it was a present from the ex so i don't really feel like wearing it. yeh i can be pretty ruthless!!

i also have many more items at home that i can't post pictures of until i get to ireland, including a brand new with tags celia birtwell for topshop dress.

decluttered wardrobe and new life: here i come!!:]


Monday, 23 March 2009


i am fairly certain that i would like to own this dress from h+m in the not too distant future...
hm zebra

but i am also fairly certain that it could become a little too popular with the masses for my taste?? call me what you will, but yes...i dislike when an item of clothing i like turns up on everyone and their mother. cos nobody REALLY likes to leave the house and see a hundred other girls rocking the exact same look...that's not the point of personal style. :]

summer dress

it could be pretty versatile though...above is just an example of how i could wear it with stuff i already have. well, and the elusive jacket...yes, yes i am pairing it with everything in my head!!


not quite plaid out...

last night's dress...

i bought this primark dress in september before i came to spain and only wore it for the first time last night...shameful, i know!! originally it had three tiers but i cut the bottom one off cos it was a bit too long for my vertically challenged self. i now fear it may be too short though. typical. :] i can't find the full length pictures i took of it though!! i also apologise for my general roughness in this photograph...but it was taken after about five hours of non-stop dancing.

also...(kind of) lesson number 4: when you come very close to kissing a boy, only for your mind to stop you due to a sudden fear that he bears an uncanny resemblance to the long standing object of your best friend's desire (who you openly disapprove of)...it might be time to worry.

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Saturday, 21 March 2009

lessons learned...

thursday night...

h+m dress, primark belt and tights, firetrap shoes.

lesson number 1: never trust a man sleaze with a "car-bar" (ie: whiskey, coke, glasses and icecubes in his trunk)...especially if said car is in a near-deserted dusty carpark.

lesson number 2: mixing cider, sangria, tinto de verano, whiskey, vodka and redbull is NEVER going to end well.

lesson number 3: waking up in cat's bed in last night's clothes with all bling still attached makes you a sham...six in the evening walk of shames through the (very busy) city are NOT a good look.

friday evening walk of shame...
h+m dress as skirt, topshop vest, h+m(via oxfam) hoodie.

in true puente fashion, my life as a sham continues. hope everyone is having a happy weekend. sorry this post is rather short and pointless...but i'm off to madrid for surprise funtimes as my friend cristina managed to blag us guestlist at elastica!! :]

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Wednesday, 18 March 2009


long time no talk. i apologize for the much longer haitus than planned but after the events mentioned in the last post and just general HELLA schoolwork times...i literally had no time to blog. and the only downtime i did make use of, was spent with my lovely bally-boo...who flew aaaall the way from france to rescue me from a boredom breakdown...aka eat pizza, watch musicals and talk about how shitty boys are with me!!:]

anywaaay...this weekend we have an unexpected (well, i hadn't known about it:]) puente so i figured i'd catch myself up on all the basics i would be replenishing if i had a single penny/cent to my name...
am wants.
miss selfridge denim bikerjacket, oversize sweater, vintage tutu netting, aa cardigan, oversize pocket vests, rayban clubmaster and rx, office pelvis creepers.

i am going through a phase where i generally feel i have nothing to wear. this tends to happen when i go through major life changes. i want a complete wardrobe overhaul...which probably won't be possible until i am back in ireland in summer. until then i am making do with the fuzzy feeling i get when considering how much of my closet i am bringing back and leaving in ireland at easter. if i have time, i will be using that three week break to sell a lot (and i mean A LOT) of my stuff.

i am completely in lust with the miss selfridge denim biker jacket. it's not actually on sale yet but when it is it will only be a mere £45, which i will not have. most upsetting. the other stuff is just a mixture of basics i need to rebuy (vests/cardigans) and items i have longed for at length but will most likely never own (the creepers). oh, and i don't know if it's a personal spring trend...but i am obsessed with the thought of making dresses out of slouchy sweaters and vintage net tutus for spring.

as for the glasses...i actually already have a pair of wayfarers (that i love and need to get back of a certain male come easter) but i am in the middle of another wave of a recurring obsession for rayban prescription lenses. ideally, i want a pair of frames that look like clubmasters but have transparent plastic where the gold is. i have wanted these forever...the search is not proving fruitful. so this is my plea for help...if anyone knows where i could get them, hit me up!! they don't have to be rayban, that's just the closest i can get to describing them. if you have seen the film grey gardens, then what i am trying to say is "i want a pair of glasses identical to mother's!!"

it's good to be back!!:] i hope everyone is doing amazing and looking forward to easter!! i can't wait...i'm back in ireland for a few weeks holiday in eight days!!