Tuesday, 23 March 2010

note to self: don't die.

i've been pretty fail at life recently. all those rumours about being a final year student and how it ruins yr general existence are pretty true. having said that, i have (finally) started a new blog. it's probably not going to be very fashion/style centered, unless i can pluck up the courage to hound other people for outfit photographs (which would be ideal). i don't really know what it will be like or for at the moment, but i guess it's kind of exciting not to have any real plan and to just see where something takes you. i guess i feel like i'm going to be more "me" on it. i'm not exactly sure how that will go down, but we'll see.

anyyyway, i know it can be pretty annoying when people do this, but here's the new link:


if yr in anyway interested in what i am/am not up to, click it and add it or whatever. :] but i won't be offended if not. anyone who wants me to link them again on the new blog let me know. i still read every single one of the blogs on my blogroll every day and i adore them all!!

peace, love and waves of nausea.

<3 Ru xxx

ps: oh yeah, and i dyed my hair blonde. what do you think??