Saturday, 15 August 2009

come on rick!! i'm not a child...

...i'm not special or one of a kind.

A big thankyou to the adorable sophia from tictactomato who tagged me for this award a while back. apologies for being such a sham and only getting around to it now. so here are my seven (un)interesting things about myself:

one- i have been a vegetarian for around nine years now and i can't imagine ever eating meat again. for the record, the choice was based upon not really liking the taste of meat and a belief that if i don't have to kill something in order to survive then i would prefer not to do so.

two- i have studied classical singing up to grade 8 and it is one of my favourite things in the world to do. but i hate actually singing classical music in front of people cos i get so self-conscious/it's quite personal for me.

three- i don't watch tv.

four- this week i am constantly listening to/shouting these three songs: titus andronicus-titus andronicus, volcano!-africa just wants to have fun and future of the left-arming eritrea.

five- my three lifelong obsessions are the moon, zombies and unicorns. two of those things are not real. that probably says a lot about my mind.

six- i am allergic to my cat's nose. it makes me come out in a rash. the rest of her is fine's just her nose.

seven- on wednesday i am going to belgium for pukkelpop festival and i literally cannot wait. this is my third year in a row attending and between the line-up and the group of friends we have going, i know it is going to be the best yet!!

i'm tagging these five girls because their blogs always seem so fresh and never bore me: savage sunshine, lauh-ren, ripped-knees, raben schwarz and thrillsand frills.

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