Saturday, 8 August 2009

where do people like us go??

i've been spending the day rooting through the bags upon bags of clothes i have had stored at my parent's house for well over a year now...trying to sort everything into some kind of vague order of ebay/charity/sister/keep. so far i'm two bags down (and afraid to actually count how many more to go) and i have rediscovered some gems already. my favourites so far being this scarf, a pair of bright red shoulder pads (that i'm thinking could look ace underneath a sheer white deep v-neck tee or the like) and a polkadot crop top that i bought in a spanish thrift store a few years ago and thought had fallen victim to my attic (which i seriously suspect eats my belongings).

apparently my brackets addiction still exists.

back to the bathroom mirror, my own camera and trademark awkward poses. :]

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Sophia said...

i like your denim shirt!

Kumiko Mae said...

is that a scarf round your head? super beautiful :D

Valentina said...

The scarf is fantastic and please do attempt the shoulder pad outfit and please take pictures! Thats a pretty interesting idea, and I think it would be pretty cool.

lauh-ren said...

i LOVE the scarf, and yes! I would love those leggings! You made my day when I read that comment!

And I want to see the shoulder pad thing. Sounds fantastic. And cute boy below, btw!