Wednesday, 2 September 2009

if you're a bat; i'm a bat.

i am currently at my parents' house with a ridiculously sore/dead arm because i got all these injections today. now my shoulder is all swollen and the general dull pain is creeping up my neck into my head. i hate injections...needles are one of my greatest phobias and today's needles were no exceptions...but necessary evils, right??

i have had a strange couple of weeks and still have a strange couple of weeks to come...all culminating in...well, i don't know what. i guess i'm just riding things out and seeing what happens/whether that is good or bad etc.

i lost my glasses at pukkelpop. annoying but no biggie. i also got my watch pickpocketed/lost. yeh THAT watch. i still haven't even been able to bring myself to tell my dad. it's not even the money it is worth...just the fact that it was such a thoughtful gift for my twentyfirst birthday and had real sentimental value.

i started my new/old job last week and it has been awesome so far. generally...once this week (especially tomorrow) is over i'm thinking things will calm down a bit. which is nice.

i can't wait to have internet in the house so i can actually blog properly...rather than saving up a fortnight of rants for one quick, heavy-armed post. :]

in other news: sunday was european day of the bat!! obsessed still.

(can't remember where i got this picture, sorry)

tonight my sister and i watched the notebook with my nanny. she cried for half the movie but really loved it. things like this remind me how happy i am to be back with my family and free to hang out with them at pretty much the drop of a hat. it's a good thing to keep in mind when i'm bitching about missing madrid so much. :]

i hope everyone is doing great!!

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