Monday, 28 September 2009

if i could just leave my body for one night...

...then we could be dancing, no more missing you when i'm gone
there we could be dancing, and you'd smile and say "i like this song!!"...

this is pretty much the only song i am listening to this week (well, besides the black lips and jay z...but what's new there??). it is kind of my life. it kind of makes me want to cry whilst filling me with comforting warmth simultaneously.

we have internet in the house novel!!:] so that plus the fact that classes recommence this week should mean a hasty return to regular posting.

not much has been going on...i have just been getting settled in the new house, working my balls off in firetrap and being ridiculously skint. le boy went back to england on friday (yes, i am very good at putting myself in long distance relationship situations:[). he is missed. but hallowe'en isn't too far away and i have a scary amount of work to keep me occupied in the meantime. true "ru in hair boredom shockerrr" mode, i am getting my hurrr did tomorrow morning. my friend needs models and i'm sick of having this bird's nest in my way so i'm giving her free reign. then...i'm thinking about dyeing it orange. thoughts??

hope everyone has been keeping well!!

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