Saturday, 6 June 2009

trouble is you're in love with someone else...

a few choice photos from a night out in madrid with niamh last weekend...

niamh: h&m vest, urban outfitters skirt. me: primark (like 3 years ago) dress, vintage belt, topshop shoes.

we are maybe getting a wee bit too obsessed with the sex shop photos. i tried to get my mum to do one when the parents were visiting but it was too early so the shutter wasn't down yet. gutted.

last night i realised that, seeing as i am going to france next weekend, this is my second last weekend here. it led to today being a bit of a weep day.

<3 click.



i heart fashion said...

I like both of your outfits .x.

elisabeth said...

haha love the shutters!and i love your dress, i'd kill to find a vintage dress that pretty :D

your one of the few folk that actually know of ballycastle yay!i met a girl from downpatrick the other day who didnt seem to knowthe north coast existed!lol.
and i cant believe your from newcastle!!when we lived in carrickfergus my family used to go down there every weekend for picnics, or when my mum got bored she'd take me and my sisters to stay in the slieve donard? hotel AND rahter embaressingly for the 2 mins i was in the young farmers we used to hold big weekend down there!so i'vwe practically spent my childhood/teenage years down there lol i love newcastle!