Tuesday, 23 June 2009


-i have an egle in my flat.
-i somehow managed to pull off an 8 in international trade law.
-exams are over...i am but half an essay away from official summer holidays!!
-i managed to fix my fringe after hacking it to shreds this morning.
-fritzi is going to bring me to the airpost on friday. (moral support)
-i get to see my family in under three days.

-tonight is cat's despedida...she leaves tomorrow.
-i have almost certainly failed the majority of my other exams.
-i have not finished aforementioned essay.
-i have not even begun packing or cleaning the flat etc etc etc.
-i leave madrid for good in under three days. :[

<3 click

i also have some projects coming up i am beyond stoked about...so close i am ready to explode with excitement. vacaciones os quiero.

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lauh-ren said...

wow, are you on trimesters? i got out of school at the end of April!