Sunday, 14 June 2009

out of action

so as it turns out, all those jokes i make on a daily basis about my computer being on death's door have come back to haunt me. it crashed last week, as i was mid-essay and mid-trying to ring home to talk to my family the last chance i'd get in a month. according to my computer genius glaswegian friend, it is fixable. the downside is he means fixable once he brings it back to glasgow with him in july for parts. for now i'll try my best to update by scobing whoever's computer i can. [hmmm, this gyspy lifestyle may be getting out of hand...]

in other news...this week i am in lyon in france visiting my bally boo. we have been drinking cheap wine, smoking cheap cigarettes, eating amazing vegan/vegetarian picnics, lying by the river rhone, partying on boats and playing in kid's parks at six am. and we saw a zombie march...pretty much made my life.

i'm back to madrid [for the last time, howl] on wednesday and then i have one week and one exam before i head to mallorca.

i'm also pretty excited at the prospect of being given amazing black flag and liars tee shirts as presents just cos they don't fit my friend. i'll find pictures when i can.

hope everyone is good and enjoying themselves!!

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