Wednesday, 2 December 2009


things i am looking forward to (a lot):

1. the convict comes home in nine days:] this makes me ridiculously happy. i'm on my dad's laptop cos i'm t home and i was looking through all my old photos and suddenly realised that this is the first photo i ever took of him (right hand side, in odd "staring at crotch/floor" pose), not the one i had previously thought. it's at a party about a year and a half ago and i remember we called him the convict cos of his shaved head. do you ever see things like this and find it hard to believe that the person in the photo and the person you know now are actually one and the same??

2. PAVEMENT!! or, hopefully pavement, in may!! they're playing a gig in dublin in may and my bfff is going to try to get us tickets as my birthday present. imagine how close to complete my life would be if i got to see pavement live??...and buy a tee shirt??

yeh, that's right; i used a photograph of a piece of pavement with reference to the band. cos i had it on my laptop...and i imagine the experience of seeing pavement play live would be as exciting as this photograph is to look at (for me anyway). so sue me. :]

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