Thursday, 21 May 2009

primary colours party...

i look mental. finals will do that to you...

yyy tee, firetrap skirt, aa cardigan, primark socks, firetrap shoes.

i think i'm doing bunny ears cos we realised i was in miffy colours. and i love miffy more than most things in life. today i learned that my alternativas professor is the nicest woman alive. and that my filosofia professor is not as evil as we originally thought. although my comunitario professor is moreso. as you can probably tell, all i can think about is finals. thus we amuse ourselves with primary colours parties out of class and ridiculously immature lists during. god i hope no-one who could find the picture below incriminating reads this blog.

anyway...i'm off to schlepp. gypsy and adventure updates posthaste, pinky swear.

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1 comment:

lauh-ren said...

ahhhh! i am jealous of all the fun parties you go to. and i will be looking forward to your email!

ahhh... the suspense!