Friday, 8 May 2009

ya te echo de menos!!

talking to people from home and missing graduations and not being around to help my little sister destress for her first "important" set of exams has me missing ireland a little. but at the same time, there is nowhere in the world i'd rather be right now than madrid. and i am so aware of how quickly the last few weeks are slipping by and how much i am going to miss this place. i have never felt so completely torn in my life before. either way...i wore this shirt out on wednesday night as an homage to home...

h&m cardigan, liberty blue teeshirt, primark tube top as skirt, primark tights, converse.

cat and fritzileine and i enjoyed a much needed girly night out including botellón at the fountain, tequila shots through straws and a lot of dancing. all the traditions, oop.

and...i saw my first gecko of summer!! happybat:] i also saw my first cockroach...but i'm dwelling on that less. all i need is for the crazy heat to subside just a LITTLE!!

<3 click.

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