Tuesday, 5 May 2009

walking around thinking the same again...

to get to you i'd go down on my knees.

firetrap shift over zara dress and primark tights.
[ahaha!! this second picture is a pretty accurate depiction of how i feel right now!!]

today i got LOST!! like..."walking around for two hours in the blistering heat without the VAGUEST idea of where you are going" lost. i cannot believe i have been here for almost nine months now and still haven't discovered my way around the whole of the city!! on the plus side, i found THE most beautiful park ever and sat there to write a card to my little sister wishing her luck for her upcoming exams(not that she needs it, genius!!). on the minus side i wasn't wearing any sunblock...so might wake up burnt tomorrow?? oop:/

idk...it kind of annoys me that i only have like seven weeks left here and feel like i am only beginning to really find the places i want to go to etc.

anyway yeh, as i mentioned, it is hot here. too hot. so i've been living in stuff like this (although the two layers are becoming too much!! and soon i fear i will have to discard my tights!!). i love the shape of the firetrap dress and pretty much see myself living in similar stuff (albeit a bit longer) for summer. hee...apologies for my crazy hair also...but the more i study the more i fiddle with it so it just kind of explodes.

my parents are visiting this weekend!! tote 'cited!!

<3 click.


Valentina said...

Ugh it's way too hot here too. Although, I guess I should admit that I complain about the weather no matter what, so I'm never really happy. I'm doing fairly well, although recent shitty boy-trouble has kind of ruined the end of the year for me. But it'll all be over in a week! And then I'm free for a whole summer!! You look like you've been having fun, I love all the pictures from the pin-up party...so cute!

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yiqin; said...

It is really hot here too :( But you still look great!