Friday, 22 May 2009

homebird sing, leave out nothing, tell me everything...

in ireland, this is where i live...

please ignore the dirty post-storm beach though, it's not always like that i swear. i just thought i'd take a moment to share some of my friend ger's photography. he's just under two months off finishing a 365. sorry these are pretty much all of me, but i wasn't sure how other people would feel about me posting their faces here.:]

you can see the other, more interesting stuff at so-says-gerard.

(last night out together at easter, pukkelpop 2008, midnight in belfast last summer).



1 comment:

Valentina said...

First of all, holyfuckingshit where you live is beyond beautiful! Seriously you're killing me...Ireland looks gorgeous. I would love to visit someday!

Secondly I love all of these pictures. Especially the last one.