Thursday, 23 July 2009

i have no sympathy...

...when you waste such time, you waste such time. i have no sympathy for you.

i've been helping my mum clear out her closet. it's probably the least i could do seeing as she didn't mind the sidecut incident. basically...i've been threatening to shave my head for a long time now. i told her i'd do it in stages so she could get used to it bit by bit. on sunday i asked her to help me do a sidecut. she hid the hair shears. so i took matters into my own hands (well, ella's very capable hands but you get my drift).

in the end she just did that thing where she tuts and rolls her eyes, then an hour later says "it is actually quite YOU*."

and now i have an exciting multi-coloured, fleecey, pocketed, jumper-dress thing that she hasn't worn in years but could well become my new festival/BBQ staple. the other jumper is one she just finished knitting for herself that i have yet to convince her to send my way...but i'm hoping it's only a matter of time.

sorry for the (even more) awful (than usual) photo quality but i'm working with my dad's camera, which clearly doesn't agree with me.


*i have yet to fully decide whether my parents use the word "you" in this sense with me in a derogatory way or a positive one.


Valentina said...

damn i like the sideshave, it looks really rad! i would be absolutely terrified to shave my head, but i fully support anyone braver than i in doing so:) the clothes are all pretty dope by the way. especially the second outfit. it's so strange, it becomes really cool.

Andie said...

i absolutely love your colourful dress jumper thing :D and i like your hair, honestly i wouldnt have the guts to shave my head, even if IT IS gonna grow back, so GO YOU!

Sophia said...

love the jumper!
gosh, i could never shave my head either, but i always dreamed of doing so. since it'll grow back, i say go for it, even if your mother doesn't agree. she'll get used to it, and as long as you pull it off with confidence, you'll be the one people look to for inspiration :)

Sophia said...

PS: i gave you an award on my blog :)

Poster Girl said...

The new hairstyle looks great!

lauh-ren said...

I love the sidecut! I have wanted to do this for a while, but am not brave enough yet.

a. said...

everyting pretty rad.