Sunday, 19 July 2009

i'm getting better at the small stuff... by day, night by night, little by little, i'm getting alright.

some pictures from this week...

top to bottom:
clothes that have become my general unifrom of late with the occasional changing of oversized band tee shirt. i can't's helping with the changeable weather and comfortable.
my new bracelet which consists of a wooden bead necklace i was given at a little market in mallorca (for speaking spanish, how sweet??) and a tag i got for free at the tropen museum in amsterdam about three years ago. i think it matches my other religiously themed jewelry quite well.
an exceptionally last minute and girly outfit for an FM belfast gig. i almost didn't go. i almost missed the bus. i'm glad i chased it in the end.
an epic fail attempt at capturing literally THOUSANDS of birds flying over my house at dusk.
a make-up experiment that resulted from boredom when i was clearing out my room yesterday. i kind of like it. maybe a little too much.

<3 click.


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Sophia said...

i seriously love your shoes in the first picture.