Sunday, 12 July 2009

it's a'comin'...

BC BBQ BBZ!!exclaim.

as you may know...12th of july is kind of a controversial day in northern ireland. it involves bonfires...and parades...which are words that bring to mind funtimes. however...these bonfires and parades are not necessarily THOSE kinds of bonfires and parades...and things have a tendency to end messily.

which is why all the cool kids (for which read "my friend john and i plus all our geekish counterparts") would rather celebrate that other thing that the date is famous for...THE BIRTH OF BILL COSBY!!

it's going to be hectic. i literally cannot wait to get on the bus tomorrow. there will be a barbecue, a bonfire with a burning effigy, live music and a lot of people i haven't seen for a long time. plus a beach. now all we need is for the weather situation to improve. these guys are playing. check them out, i am their official merch girl...merch is on its way i swear. on a none band related note yesterday i led the two singers up a mountain in my hometown (photos to come) which was some of the best fun ever. it was a really beautiful day and you could see the whole town and beach below. i've missed that.

anyway...i'm gona go try to get an early night in preparation for tomorrow.

<3 click.


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