Thursday, 9 July 2009


still alive.
just barely.

sorry i disappeared for a bit...i had even less internet in mallorca than i thought i would. i am now firmly back in ireland. it is beyond surreal. last night i went out with bally (well i had been back 23 hours, you know??) and i felt like a little alien girl, seriously.

i also have new glasses...after drunkenly leaving my old ones on the bus to the airport after a very messy last night in madrid. :/ i swear i am my opticians best customer. but clearly also his favourite...cos he gave me a heap of vintage frames for i can keep some and sell some. IKR??

pictures and stories (of which there are many) will have to wait a little bit as i'm off to belfast today to sort out some house drama. i just need to move in and get settled so i can feel like i am really here...but our landlord is already being an asshole. shockerrr.

hope everyone is good!!:]

<3 click.


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lauh-ren said...

yay! i am so glad you are back. i'd love to see your vintage glasses you want to sell, i might like to buy a pair! i have been looking for some.