Saturday, 25 April 2009


the dazzling conor...who is so dazzling he was featured in the fashion section of this magazine...but i can't find the photos of the actual spread.

crunk faces with michael...who went to a gig i couldn't attend (though i went to see a friend's band play a fantastic show instead) and also got papped by the same magazine.

a birthday picnic in the park for ella's 21st birthday!! featuring the best mexican ever and an exciting diy cake.

me being very mature during the birthday cookie baking experience.

pac man cookie!! which i owe him more of...there, now you have it in writing, happy??

belfast sight seeing with the lovely cristina who visited from spain!! this is the sad fish.

a little hit of nostalgia on the walk to my old brother's tag. when i see these in belfast they make me smile cos i remember the night he drew them during one of his visits home from amsterdam.

ella's amazing vest...that we like to consider an homage to david bowie. i think it's from

a sketchy night out with two of my boos and future housemates!!:]

easter sunday at my house with my lovely english guests, before we all had a wee bit too much wine and champagne. :/

all in all i had one of the best easters ever!! it was so great to just get to catch up and hang out with my friends and family again. sadly all the pretty scenic photos i have from my mountain adventures etc were on a disposable camera. i can't wait 'til my mum sends me the prints from it!!

i am currently fighting my way through an evil philosophy of law essay which i need to have finished by sunday in order to start all my other work. and i have essentially put myself under house arrest as i am without my flatkeys and all my flatmates have gone away for a festival this weekend without leaving me a set. :/ i may go stir crazy.

i have exciting things to blog and exciting things going on in life in general at the minute though. for tomorrow.

<3 click.

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