Saturday, 21 March 2009

lessons learned...

thursday night...

h+m dress, primark belt and tights, firetrap shoes.

lesson number 1: never trust a man sleaze with a "car-bar" (ie: whiskey, coke, glasses and icecubes in his trunk)...especially if said car is in a near-deserted dusty carpark.

lesson number 2: mixing cider, sangria, tinto de verano, whiskey, vodka and redbull is NEVER going to end well.

lesson number 3: waking up in cat's bed in last night's clothes with all bling still attached makes you a sham...six in the evening walk of shames through the (very busy) city are NOT a good look.

friday evening walk of shame...
h+m dress as skirt, topshop vest, h+m(via oxfam) hoodie.

in true puente fashion, my life as a sham continues. hope everyone is having a happy weekend. sorry this post is rather short and pointless...but i'm off to madrid for surprise funtimes as my friend cristina managed to blag us guestlist at elastica!! :]

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lauh-ren said...

i love your dress! those look like some painful lessons. i think i will take your advice, ha.