Monday, 23 March 2009


i am fairly certain that i would like to own this dress from h+m in the not too distant future...
hm zebra

but i am also fairly certain that it could become a little too popular with the masses for my taste?? call me what you will, but yes...i dislike when an item of clothing i like turns up on everyone and their mother. cos nobody REALLY likes to leave the house and see a hundred other girls rocking the exact same look...that's not the point of personal style. :]

summer dress

it could be pretty versatile though...above is just an example of how i could wear it with stuff i already have. well, and the elusive jacket...yes, yes i am pairing it with everything in my head!!



Sophia said...

i definitely know what you mean about hating when everyone else has something. i'm not one of those "fashion snobs" who HAS to be the first person to wear something, but when you see MASSES of people wearing an item, it's time to move on. [example: UGGS.]

yeah, i've seen so many bloggers quote primark as where they got really cute stuff. when i someday make it to europe (i want to go there so badly!) i will be sure to check it out :)

Rachie-Pie said...

effing love that dress! they have a sleeveless version too im on the hunt for!

rubot said...

yeh...i think it is actually the sleeveless one i want. that would explain why this one also looked ridiculously long compared to the one picture i saw!!

i'm a bit slow. :]