Tuesday, 24 March 2009

sneak preview...

these are just a couple of the items that i will be selling in the next week or so...

topman denim shirt (mens XXS), liberty blue boutique floral skirt (one size), h+m black polkadot skirt (size 36), lux@urban outfitters plaid shorts (US size 0 but they are quite loose on me so i'd say UK 6/8/10).

most of what i am selling are items that i really love but just don't wear enough (or shamefully, have never worn at all!!) and i figure someone else could get much more use out of them and let them see the amount of wear that such beautiful clothes deserve!!

anyway...i wanted to give you guys a heads up because i will probably sell them through ebay but if any of you lovely bloggers wanted to purchase any of it i would rather deal directly as it's more intimate and i'd know they're going to a good home. :] and i would be willing to offer them to you at a slightly better price of course!! if anyone has any doubts or questions or wants better photographs (these were pretty rushed) just shout me in a comment.

each of the above items has literally only been worn two or three times, i am a travesty i know. the denim shirt is effectively new and i adore it (remember it featured on this wishlist??)...but it was a present from the ex so i don't really feel like wearing it. yeh i can be pretty ruthless!!

i also have many more items at home that i can't post pictures of until i get to ireland, including a brand new with tags celia birtwell for topshop dress.

decluttered wardrobe and new life: here i come!!:]



elisabeth said...

the denim shirt is gorgeous!:D
but yes i agree with you, sometimes you have to get rid of these sort of things from exs, stops you from thinking about them!

lauh-ren said...

i wish i had money to throw around! i would definitely purchase the shorts.