Tuesday, 31 March 2009

now you know me better baby i'm a quitter...

okay so i got tagged aaand awarded by the lovely sophia of tictactomato to do the show your heart tag and the questions tag. however...at the moment my camera is powerless and i am using my dad's laptop so for now i can only really do the questions tag. hopefully i will be able to post the other tag and maybe some exciting ireland pctures sooooon.

What is your current obsession? baking!! i am going to bake easter cookies with my sister soon and i have a million other ideas of things i want to bake.
What are you wearing right now? a huuuge red plaid shirt stolen from my friend jay with a bow at the neck, wooly tights and my falling apart studded booties.
Who was the last person you hugged? i hugged my daddy goodnight a minute ago.
If you were a tree, what tree would you be? at this precise moment in time, either a cherry blossom tree or a weeping willow. don't ask me why for either cos i have no clue. :]
What’s for dinner? tomorrow=my mum's veggie lasagne and i cannot wait!!
What was the last thing you bought? a bus ticket home.
What are you listening to right now? animals by cocorosie.
What is your favourite weather? crisp, cold but DRY autumn mornings or evenings make my life!!
What’s on your beside table? some jewellery boxes, a lava lamp, a bombay sapphire lamp, old bottles with candles in them, alarm clock, glass of water and many books, graphic novels and cds...i ought to tidy. :/
Say something to the person/s who tagged you. sophia...i'm so glad you found me, your blog is so sweet and i am quite jealous of your obvious artistic skillzzz!!
If you could have a house totally paid for, fully furnished anywhere in the world, where would you want it to be? stockholm!!
Where are you typing from right now? father's laptop.
A book you're currently reading? i've been rereading the bell jar as i didn't bring enough books to spain with me. also the second volume of top ten (i tend to always have a novel and a graphoc novel on the go at the same time, oops). and at the weekend i read howl, ashamedly for the first time ever and i am now in awe.
What would you like to have in your hands right now? the ability to handle all the things i am currently a shamm with much more successfully!!
What is your favourite tea flavour? too hard it depends on mood...regular, green, chamomile, peppermint...i just love tea in general!!
What did you eat for breakfast? banana on toast VERY quickly cos i overslept and was late for a dentist appointment. :/
What did you want to become as a child? a singer, a clothing designer or an aeronautical engineer like my dad...lawl!!
What is your fantasy? to be well travelled, well informed, content in a house filled with charmingly tacky things...and to be really understood, even if only for one small moment in my eentire lifetime.

and now i would like to tag:
rachie pie.
aaandella...who is actually one of my best friends who now follows this blog (and is yet to make fun of me for it, how nice:]) but who i am now going to bully into posting on her own blog!! [i love you really boo<3]

anyway off to bed i go...tomorrow i am clambering up some mountain with my mum and her friend who wishes to practice her spanish with me. clearly nobody told her how bad i am. :]

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lauh-ren said...

yay! thanks for the tag!

EllaMac said...

Oh dear...I guess you've prompted me to blog.

You also gravely overestimated my technological skillssss.