Wednesday, 18 March 2009


long time no talk. i apologize for the much longer haitus than planned but after the events mentioned in the last post and just general HELLA schoolwork times...i literally had no time to blog. and the only downtime i did make use of, was spent with my lovely bally-boo...who flew aaaall the way from france to rescue me from a boredom breakdown...aka eat pizza, watch musicals and talk about how shitty boys are with me!!:]

anywaaay...this weekend we have an unexpected (well, i hadn't known about it:]) puente so i figured i'd catch myself up on all the basics i would be replenishing if i had a single penny/cent to my name...
am wants.
miss selfridge denim bikerjacket, oversize sweater, vintage tutu netting, aa cardigan, oversize pocket vests, rayban clubmaster and rx, office pelvis creepers.

i am going through a phase where i generally feel i have nothing to wear. this tends to happen when i go through major life changes. i want a complete wardrobe overhaul...which probably won't be possible until i am back in ireland in summer. until then i am making do with the fuzzy feeling i get when considering how much of my closet i am bringing back and leaving in ireland at easter. if i have time, i will be using that three week break to sell a lot (and i mean A LOT) of my stuff.

i am completely in lust with the miss selfridge denim biker jacket. it's not actually on sale yet but when it is it will only be a mere £45, which i will not have. most upsetting. the other stuff is just a mixture of basics i need to rebuy (vests/cardigans) and items i have longed for at length but will most likely never own (the creepers). oh, and i don't know if it's a personal spring trend...but i am obsessed with the thought of making dresses out of slouchy sweaters and vintage net tutus for spring.

as for the glasses...i actually already have a pair of wayfarers (that i love and need to get back of a certain male come easter) but i am in the middle of another wave of a recurring obsession for rayban prescription lenses. ideally, i want a pair of frames that look like clubmasters but have transparent plastic where the gold is. i have wanted these forever...the search is not proving fruitful. so this is my plea for help...if anyone knows where i could get them, hit me up!! they don't have to be rayban, that's just the closest i can get to describing them. if you have seen the film grey gardens, then what i am trying to say is "i want a pair of glasses identical to mother's!!"

it's good to be back!!:] i hope everyone is doing amazing and looking forward to easter!! i can't wait...i'm back in ireland for a few weeks holiday in eight days!!


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Sophia said...

I will definitely let you know if I see a pair, I know exactly the glasses you're talking about from the movie! I like them too. I wish I wore glasses, actually, so I could get a pair of rayban prescriptions. I'm pretty much obsessed lately x]

I linked you, by the way. I hope you don't mind (some bloggers are weird about that.) Ireland sounds really sweet. Have fun :)