Saturday, 7 November 2009

how do you think yr gona get me home?? ain't got any cigarettes, cigarettes, cigarettes, cigarettes, no.

river island boots, firetrap heels.

good things come to those who wait. :] and i do feel like i waited a lifetime. but now i finally have a pair of booties to keep my toes warm and dry this winter. and a pair of killer heels to keep me dancing through the party season. i think this is the clearest material indication of the complete dichotomy of my very existence- comfortable, flat, durable boots vs ankle-threatening, hooker-esque, patent heels. hello life.

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lauh-ren said...

i love them both but i especially LOVE LOVE LOVE the boots!

a. said...

awww, the boots, i love them, they look such soo good.

cody said...

love the heels (:

xx cody