Saturday, 14 November 2009

"this is an emergency, you're not you anymore and i don't feel like me."

i was in dublin, briefly, this week. it was fantastic fun and i wish i never had to leave. i'd like to say "photos to come" but that would be a massive lie as i was far too drunk and far too distracted to even remember i had my camera, save for a ew pictures of a cat and me eating my weight in food.

today i got anooother injection. my last for a few months though, yay. i will not miss that dreaded sore arm feeling. though this one has been less painful than the others so here's hoping it stays that way.

i'm going to southampton next weekend but i want to be there NOW.

i'm thinking of (dash probably definitely going to be) dyeing my hair orange. like, bright orange. like, fifth element orange. like, this-

...probably even orange-y-er actually. it is an obsession. and one of those things i think i just need to get out of my system. and yes, everybody seems to think i am insane. i just want to have it already. i saw a little kid in town this week in skinny jeans, a knitted baby pink jumper with a snowflake on it, a black parka and bright orange hair (natural!! bitch!!...okay she was like six...but jealousy ahoy.) the same length as mine. i think she is my current muse/style icon.

upon rereading, this is a post full of impatience. you wouldn't think i had a zillion things to do for uni before my life as i plan it can actually begin.

<3 click.

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Valentina said...

my friend at school actually just basically shaved her head and dyed it orange and it looks soo sick. if you think you can pull it off and want to do it, then i definitely think you should!