Monday, 23 November 2009

the mediator of the head and the hands must be the heart.

my weekend in southampton was fantastic...the only downside is coming home and having to get straight back to uni work etc etc all while remembering how sucky it is to miss yr boyfriend after spending four and a half days in his pocket. i didn't take any photos (shocking, i know!!) but we pretty much just cooked and ate nice food, went out drinking and dancing and watched movies etc etc. oh and i took him on a google streetview tour of the city i lived in in spain last year because (for some unkwon reason) flights are far too expensive for us to get there in reality anytime soon.

the screenshots above are from a german silent film called metropolis that we watched last night. if you haven't seen it you should definitely invest some time to watch it. it is really inspiring. i now know what my hallowe'en costume will be next year. and the score is beautiful.


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lauh-ren said...

i will definitely watch this. sounds like you had fun! long distance relationships are the worst, though.