Wednesday, 18 November 2009

when we are far from eachother...

...we slip into something more comfortable.

bally's dress, topman shirt, topshop tights, river island boots.

this is from approximately forever ago such is my sham of a laptop. it is completely broken now and i had to steal a friend's power cable to post this. meaning that now, the night before i leave for a weekend southampton, i am trying to save everything that i can foresee myself needing in the immediate future off my laptop...instead of going to see my friends play a show. :[

the dress is stolen from my housemate and it's so comfy i practically lived in it this week but i don't think i'll bother buying one myself. this is the kind of thing i'm really fickle about. i loved it last week but don't think i'd wear it again, even though i think these flower print tops and dresses look nice on other girls...although they do seem to be on a LOT of other girls at the moment.

anyway...i better go pack and finish the seemingly endless list of other things i have to do before i can go to bed, excited for my visit to the boyfriend.

<3 click.

PS: these photographs are testament to the fact that you should not get yr friends to take pictures of you when you've been drinking...and also frightening proof of just how short i really am...and how goofy my face looks at all times.

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