Sunday, 29 November 2009

trapped in a basement...

this is what ensues if you go to the christmas market for a catch-up over strawberry beer and (too strong) cider, onward to tesco to purchase lemon birthday cake and other assorted birthday favors and then to the empty basement of magazine offices in order to surprise yr friend/the birthday boy at band practice. the last picture is of me in a discarded hallowe'en costume that we found in the basement from a "dead famous" party the magazine hosted in 2007. there is also a video of me smashing one of the cakes in his face, but i won't put it up as i don't think the interwebzz is ready for my horrible northern irish accent. :] especially at the moment as i have a throat infection and sound particularly croaky/husky/manly/sadly not sexy like other girls seem to sound in the same situation. swallowing is difficult. that will be all. :]

oh, also: it turns out this blog ALSO celebrated its birthday yesterday. how apt. so happy birthday blog...i am still not entirely sure of yr purpose. oh well. :]

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