Monday, 19 January 2009

here's one i made earlier...

whilst revising last night all i could do was thinki about the impending trip back home and some delights i want to pick up when i'm over there, now that i have a tiiiiiny bit of money to treat myself with.

wish upon a star

topman denim shirt, white oversize tee with pocket, sequinned leggings, priceless boots, topshop blazer, leopard print plugs.

i definitely hope to pick up the denim topman shirt because there's just something so cool about it and i love the idea of wearing light denim in the middle of winter. i've raved about it so much since first seeing it on the website that one of my guy friends (who really isn't the type) now wants one.

the sequin leggings are something i've been debating for a while now...mostly due to the inevitable mess i would make of them. but they are the perfect answer to those wet-look aa rip offs that are everywhere these days and i've been told river island have a nice pair at a decent price so i may be tempted. they also have flower print tights which i have been searching for foreverrr but i don't know whether they're exactly what i want...i'm picky.

the blazer is lovely but i don't think it will ever be mine as i just don't think i'd get enough wear out of it. i can't remember where this particular teeshirt is from but i love it...i'll probably have to make do with just sewing some pockets on menswear tees though. boyfriend dearest has already hinted that he has bought me plugs like this, yay. and finally, those boots are only £12 from if they have them in my size and they don't murder my feet they will definitely be mine.

one exam down, two to go. so i'm off for a nap before i start french revision.

i swear after this week, i will never take life without exams or feeling ill for granted again.



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lauh-ren said...

i don't know if you'd like these or if they even ship outside of the USA but you should check out these really cheap floral leggings!

oh wait, you said tights. they had these glorious ones at free people and i ordered them and they ran out so they sent me paisley ones instead. i was angry.