Monday, 26 October 2009

decir que no a todo.

note to self: stop flailing and looking awkward in photos.

firetrap dress, top and scarf, river island leggings.

i have officially been sick in one way or another for about three weeks now. it is getting ridiculous. currently i have some kind of head cold thing that has impaired my hearing with hilarious consequence. you know when yr ears are popping and everything sounds like it's underwater??...that has been my life for the past 48 hours, no joke. i'm never sure if i am shouting at people or barely being audible. try that when working in a clothes shop and studying languages, it's fun.

turns out i didn't even need the second injection on thursday as i'd already had it. that definitely sucks, considering the fact that since then, my right arm has been swollen up to popeye proportions and absolute agony to have attached to the rest of my body. getting dressed and undressed(woe is me, no sexy undressing time??...oh wait, that never happens anyway:]) have become my worst enemy, hence the need for comfort at every turn...which is why this outfit is my new best friend (it's actually my work uniform). slouchy, soft and dark...i'm sold. also, i have wanted this circle scarf with tassels for so long now and it certainly does not disappoint in the warmth/comfort stakes.

i love this blog enough to pay it attention over my spanish assignments. (now can we have sexy undressing time??) oop.

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lauh-ren said...


it looks great. i seriously love it. is that creepy to say? please don't take it that. but it looks all thick and beautiful, and yeahhh... what i'm trying to say is that you should probably be a hair model.