Sunday, 18 October 2009


...yr still a heartbreaker and i'm just an idiot.

housemate's jumper, topshop vest, nanny's belt, h+m skirt, primark shoes.

yeh so i still have that aversion to looking at the camera and tend to awkwardly attempt to fix my hair mid shot. :]
i've been ill, but got convinced/coerced into going out tonight...which i can't really complain about cos i did have fun miscellaneous banter with people i hadn't seen in a while.
these pictures are just to illustrate two of the loves of my life right now.
first: this grey jumper that belongs to my male housemate (who's wardrobe is becoming my go-to zone for the cosiest and softest winter knits i've ever worn plus the most extensive scarf collection known to man). i have been wearing it for the past three days straight over all my outfits. it is just TOO comfortable and a hug. and really slouchy...i enjoy slouchy things, as i'm sure is obvious by now.
second: a black waisted cummerbund style belt my nanny gave me during the aforementioned clearout of her closet. she gave my little sister and i an absolute heap of amazing vintage belts and this is one of my favourites. i'll try to take some more detailed pictures of it tomorrow, along with some of the others.

my housemate's worklife is beginning to intertwine with the business transactions of my father!! how weird is that?? it does essentially mean i never have to pay for indian food again though, so no complaints here. :]

tonight i got called "boatwreck"...which was pleasant. but then some complete stranger girl told me she thought i looked like karen o (i think it's the new hair that does this...) and that she really like karen o and hoped i did too. which was a nice thing to hear, i think. :]

night night click<3

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