Thursday, 22 October 2009

i don't care... absolutely mental lady gaga is. and i don't give a fuck that she is completely dead behind the eyes. the woman is an absolute machine.

...a machine with LILAC LIPS!! she makes me want to dye my hair blonde (oh wait...already tried that, worst 48 hours of my life...i remember now) and put lilac streaks in it. and wear lilac if my obsession with unnatural lip colours wasn't already verging on worrisome.

this is one of the few issues in life where my boyfriend doesn't concur. the only other i can think of is our very differing opinions on the influence of the glamrock movement on the origins of 80s metal and the true definition of "punk" as a concept and/or lifestyle.

he doesn't know what he's missing. :]

<3 click.

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