Friday, 9 October 2009


i never really shop in topshop. i know, scandal...but generally i've always been of the opinion that the stuff is overdone, overpriced and sub-par in the quality stakes. so imagine my surprise as, yesterday, on my walk to work, i found myself unable to take my eyes off one particular item in the topshop window...this bra. umm...i NEED it in my life. all i want to wear for the rest of my life is this bra over a white vest top and skinny jeans. it is amazing.

payday can't come soon enough...only fifteen days!!:[

<3 click

*edit*...i just realised it comes in the green too!! completely torn. at least this way i have fifteen days to decide i guess.


lauh-ren said...

that is smokin hot!

Just Like Honey said...

thank you for the comment on my blog.
i have been lusting after the floral ones of those topshop bralets for ages!
scandalous that you don't like topshop i have a frightening addiction to it and the overpricing doesn't agree with minimum wage...

Just Like Honey said...

also i am definitely up for trading links, i'll add you to my blogroll sharpish!