Friday, 23 October 2009

hectic ducks and ominous clouds

sometimes on a day off, there is absolutely nothing better than taking a roadtrip to yr hometown and enjoying stormy beach walks, long lunches and forest adventures with two of yr favourite city boys. :] i have never experienced two people be quite so enthused about waves and ducks reminds me to be so grateful to have grown up in such a naturally beautiful area.

today was such an awesome and necessary break...even if it did end with a doctor's trip for yet more injections. :[ i was only meant to get one but ended up with two sore arms cos the nurse realised i'd missed one and "might as well get it whilst about." yay??

my views on the BNP/question time debate:
that bonnie greer has got SASS!!
i would totally buck jack straw!!
if yr not sure what i'm talking about click here. sorry it's a pretty old link but getting one with just the facts is pretty difficult. to find any articles on this subject that are not outrageously biased one way or the other is tough...there's plenty more follow up links from there.

also...booked my flights to see the boyfriend this week: 19th-23rd november!! happybat:]

<3 click.

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