Thursday, 15 October 2009


...babydoll i recognise yr a hideous thing inside.

black flag tee, thrifted shirt, nanny's bracelet.

only wednesday and already this morning i woke up feeling as if we have had a sufficiently mental week...a little dull and drama-less existence wouldn't go amiss for a while, you know?? so i've reverted to "boring" things in hope that life will be a little less hectic. luckily for me, i find boring things are kind of the best things. tidying my room, drawing wolf outlines for a teeshirt for michael, making mixtapes and drinking tea. lots of tea. i had forgotten just how much i adore tea. this week's favourite picks being chamomile and vanilla, echinea and raspberry and green tea(as always).

my nanny gave me the most beautiful bracelet on sunday. it is jade and gold; she bought it when she was traveling in hong kong a few years ago and it is so delicate and mesmerising. i'm in love with it.

i wear so much gold now. i think i want to get a gold nose ring to wear instead of the silver one i have.

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Valentina said...

AHHH I LOVE THAT BRACELET! Jade and gold are such a lovely jewelry combination.

Thank god my computer has finally been repaired...I was basically internet-less for way too long there.