Thursday, 15 January 2009

completely obsessed...

i really love coffee. and tea. and cookies. and goats cheese and jalapeno relish sandwiches. and my boyfriend works in a place that provides me with all of the above for free (yeh, i am fully aware of how amazingly lucky i am). luckier still, one of my best friends ger shares my passion for the above list. meaning we have been known to spend almost entire days in the coffee shop catching up, hopping ourselves up on too much caffeine and generally planning all the places we want to live in the world. (he's an architect, he's gona build me a house once i get to that place in life...word)

another one of our favourite passtimes is drawing in eachothers diaries or him drawing on me. when i was at home for christmas he drew this pink unicorn as an ode to the transfer from my birthday. i have long been obsessed with unicorns. but now i fear i am becoming obsessed with the idea of this particular unicorn. who knows...if i had the balls and a mother who wouldn't murder me, maybe i'd get a real version?? but for now i think i'll stick to my usual retort of "my boyfriend has enough tattoos for both of us!!"

true life conversations between my boyfriend and my mother #1:
M: what type of a person would want a tattoo of miffy on their shoulder??
B: the question is, what type of a person WOULDN'T want a tattoo of miffy on their shoulder?!

she deals with his generall strangeness rather well. :]



Leah said...

haha, adorable!

lauh-ren said...

i wish i had a cool transfer tattoo like that! your obsession with unicorns reminds me of Jackie on that seventies show.