Thursday, 15 January 2009

baby, i miss you...

i have been ill all day today. and i am trying to revise for these damn exams when i feel so bleh. and when i feel this bleh and need get well cuddles i only miss him even more. :[

please excuse the general grossness of the picture...nights out and lots of goodbyes do that to me. :]

sometimes i wonder why my friends even try to get sense from me:
G: you've gotten awfully ghetto of late.
M: nah...i think i just show it more every once in a while. either way, it was probably a natural progression.
G: yes...from alt. country to hip-hop...i see what you mean.

actually, i bet a shocking number of cowboys listen to lil wayne.

anyway...i'm off to watch some gilmore girls, drink green tea, skype the boy and get an "early night". hopefully that will shift this blehness.

sweet dreams.


1 comment:

lauh-ren said...

i am so happy you like gilmore girls! i am obsessed, i have all the seasons.